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OSCommerce Transforming the Open-source E-commerce Store

OSCommerce is an upcoming technology that is transforming the way eCommerce stores execute business over the internet. OSCommerce is a completely Open-Source tool that is used to develop an effective online shopping cart solution. It is based on the PHP framework and allows developers to customize their store as per their requirements. The main advantage of OSCommerce is that it allows developers to create a globally accepted, dynamic store in a short period of time.

OrangeMantra’s OSCommerce team is able to create the most complex yet easy to use e-commerce system that matches the current market standards as we like to keep ourselves updated with the latest market trends. OrangeMantra is a recognized and successful OSCommerce development company when it comes to using PHP-Based frameworks and offering solutions at a competitive price.

OSCommerce Transforming the Open-source E-commerce Store

OSCommerce Development Services

OSCommerce Web Development

Top-notch and feature-rich OSCommerce Web Development that meets the merchant’s expectation as well as the market’s standard and allows them to scale their business.

OSCommerce Extensions Development

Custom OSCommerce Extension Development that adds extra and unique functionalities in the eCommerce system that are not available with the core OSCommerce offerings

OSCommerce Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization of OSCommerce-based solution that allows your website to perform better, load faster, and subsequently rank higher in Search Engine Rankings.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration including the latest and most used Payment options to make transactions faster, secure, and smoother across your platform.

OSCommerce Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support of OSCommerce even after deployment of the solution, ensuring the platform is up-to-date with the latest market trends.

Migrate to OSCommerce

Easy migrating from your old platform to OSCommerce that gives you the power to leverage the functionalities of this platform.

Benefits of OSCommerce

Simple Setup
Simple Setup
Compared to other CMSs OSCommerce is much easier to download and install and easier to use also.
Higher Performance
Higher Performance
Aax based design of OSCommerce allows it to reduce the Load timing, enhancing its performance while making the system lightweight.
Multi-Store Support
Multi-Store Support
Merchants are able to use and manage multiple storefronts under a single admin panel effortlessly.
Multiple Tax Zone Support
Multiple Tax Zone Support
It allows a more personalized transaction environment by allowing users to set multiple tax support systems according to the country they are selling in.

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Why OrangeMantra?


With 20+ Years of experience, our team of developers is ready to deliver an eCommerce project on the go.


Our team is skilled enough to migrate, optimize and maintain your already built platform, enhancing its performance and allowing you to generate more ROI.


We prioritize our interaction and transparency with client’s and to achieve that, we offer regular reporting of the project’s progress.


We value our client’s data privacy and to ensure that we offer to sign a Non-Confidential agreement.

Updated Technology

We are updated with all the latest trends in the tech environment and uses the best suitable technology from our comprehensive range of tech stack.

Client-Centric Approach

We develop an OSCommerce solution completely depending on the client’s unique requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken for an eCommerce solution development using OSCommerce depends on the complexity of the task, the number of integration it requires, and the customization. Typically, developing a solution takes up to 2 weeks.
OSCommerce is an Open-source online-store and eCommerce management system and can be accessed by any system that has PHP and SQL support.
The cost of developing an OSCommerce-based solution completely depends on your requirements. The kind of solution you are looking for, the features, and the design together decide the development cost.