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Customers’ needs and preferences keep changing rapidly which compels enterprises to redesign their customer engagement model and adopt innovative digital solutions to connect with their customers quickly. An inappropriately defined business vision, disengaged people and processes, cultural mind shift, inadequate data, lack of skills and regulatory compliances can be big hurdles to an enterprise’s operational agility. Therefore, the alignment of IT and business is a must for a successful business transformation. Enterprise Architecture (EA) aligns IT and business by mapping data, applications, and technologies to value streams and business operations they support. EA defines the capabilities and interdependencies of the business as they are related to enterprise strategy. This covers everything from ideation to implementation. A robust enterprise architecture framework offers an outline for the business and operating models finds opportunities and risks, thus helping in building technology roadmaps. In simple words, enterprise architecture facilitates IT and business transformation by assisting technology and digital innovation leaders in achieving desirable, value-driven business results. Orange Mantra’s Enterprise Architecture Services help organizations align their IT and business to expedite and drive successful digital transformations. Our enterprise architecture services are designed to help enterprises to overcome all the challenges posed by outdated business models and technology platforms. Our approach to enterprise architecture is centered on leveraging a perfect combination of high-end and mainstream technologies. The EA framework that we design will redefine customer engagement by converting a system of records to a system of coordination, engagements, and insights. We also offer Enterprise architecture consulting services to provide guidance for strategic investments and help you achieve the desired business outcomes through business innovation.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture aims at defining and documenting an enterprise structure and operation to determine how an enterprise can fulfill its goals effectively. EA turns enterprise goals into IT capabilities through proper analysis, planning, design, and implementation. Designing optimal enterprise architecture brings numerous benefits like improved decision-making, the ability to adapt to changing market situations, removing inefficient or redundant operations, and optimizing processes, people, and technology.

Common Enterprise Architecture Use Cases

Enterprises need to constantly learn, adapt, and evolve to achieve sustainable growth. Moreover, the modern-day enterprise is getting complex as decisions involve many technical and business stakeholders who do not use the same terminology, and numerous employees from all over the world need to upgrade themselves by learning new technologies and processes to perform their daily tasks. It can consume a lot of resources and time to research, collect, understand, analyze, and share important information internally and externally. Enterprise Architecture helps in documenting and handling this complexity, translating all this data into valuable and meaningful insights. Below are some of the common EA use cases:

Digital Transformation

Adopt new and innovative technology to drive more value, such as offering enhanced customer experiences or creating new products or services.

Data Governance

Understand how data assets are related to the applications to properly direct data flows and usage, along with procedures and policies.

Application Portfolio Management

List out all the enterprise applications to find redundancies and create plans for validation and/or modernization.

Risk Management and Data Security

Enhance the security, business procedures, and policies, and allocate the right resources to support new implementations.

Regulatory Compliance

Be proactive in finding sensitive data related to value streams, responding to third-party assessments, and ensuring complete transparency and accountability in regulatory compliance procedures.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Optimize redundant resources, applications, and capabilities and ensure improved communication and decision-making to decide on which systems to eliminate or phase out.

Adoption of Big Data

Understand the importance of integrating Big Data into business processes and operations. Prioritize these practices with control over data sources and analytics.

Knowledge Enhancement and Retention

Adopt a systematic approach to onboarding newly hired employees as well as the training of existing employees for creating a knowledgeable and effective workforce.

Data Center Consolidation

Find software and hardware packages to make the migration process easier and mitigate the associated risks to achieve the desired business results.

Digital Innovation Management

Streamline and manage ideas and the development of innovative solutions and processes to provide new value, right from ideation and conceptualization to implementation.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Use the power of artificial intelligence to understand data, lineage, applications, impact, and source history to see how they are related to the business and the IT environment.

Cloud Migration

Decide on which applications need to be migrated to the cloud environment. Also, analyze the associated business risks and operational impacts along with lift-and-shift strategies when shifting from one service provider to another.

Our Enterprise Architecture Service Offerings

Our team of Enterprise Architects is proficient at delivering a wide array of enterprise architecture services offerings.

EA Strategy and Planning

We can assist you in the transformation of your organization’s capabilities by building the foundational modules of enterprise architecture while ensuring the success of important business and technology endeavors.

EA Implementation and Management

We can help you in designing, developing, and maintaining the enterprise architecture. Our team of enterprise software architecture experts creates, manages, and maintains technology architecture models to demonstrate business objectives and strategies.

Dedicated Team of Technical Architect

Extend your team by hiring experienced technical architects who can work on various disciplines, including azure, active directory and exchange, identity and access management, and SQL server. By hiring technical architects from us, you can reduce the costs of maintaining full-time EA resources.

Risk Analysis and Management

Our proficient enterprise architect identifies and analyzes both short-term and long-term risks that create technical issues and affect business processes in the future. We analyze risks frequently to make sure that your software works seamlessly.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Our Enterprise Architecture consulting services help you leverage the experience and expertise of EA consultants to optimize your IT and business strategies. We create an EA roadmap whereby both IT and business can power up each other’s strategies.

Avail of Our Enterprise Architect Services for Maximum Scalability and Performance.

Key Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

The benefits offered by the enterprise architecture include efficient business operations with reduced costs, more flexible and effective workforce, minimal management costs, a more shared capabilities, better organization, fewer redundancies, and duplications, and increased business productivity. If you want to enjoy the benefits of an enterprise architecture framework, you can get in touch with us for our top-notch Enterprise Architecture services.

Strategic Alignment of IT and Business

EA provides a centralized platform that reveals the truth about the enterprise and the way it functions with a common, central repository with integrated and holistic views of strategy, applications, technology, capabilities, data assets, etc.

Lower Risks and Costs

With enterprise architecture services, you can gain valuable EA insights that will help you reduce the risks and costs of IT infrastructure, digital transformation, and digital innovation management efforts.

Better Complexity Understanding and Management

Identify, understand, and articulate opportunities, trends, challenges, and risks to help business and IT leaders to address and efficiently manage complexity.

Efficient Change Management

Discover EA model elements, connections, and dependences to better manage change with rapid and easy impact analysis using reports, charts, heatmaps, and graphs.

Prototype Building

Be prepared for issues and change, create prototypes and examine the workflow of the company according to design thinking driven by tooling.

New or More Profitable Value Streams

Explore opportunities to create new or rearchitect current value streams to make them more rewarding and fruitful.

Effective Enterprise Collaboration

Allow various non-tech users to involve in the business and operating models to achieve better business outcomes by democratizing Enterprise Architecture.

Interoperability of Business and IT

Break down silos in the organization and align data, overall operational activities, applications, and models integrated with enterprise-level software and external tools.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Maintain and prioritize existing operational demands, opportunities, and disruptions for long-term strategic vision and make further enhancements.

Our Result-driven Enterprise Architecture Operating Model

With our decades of Enterprise Architecture experience, we have created a proven EA operating model to address the complexity and create a program that’s suitable for your organization.

Strategic Planning

Our Enterprise Architects work with various leaders and stakeholders across the organization to conduct a comprehensive EA assessment and offer guidance on utilizing technology solutions to redesign business operations.

EA Roadmap Creation

After the development of strategies, we build EA roadmaps to meet each strategy on time. In the EA roadmap, we create a comprehensive rollout plan for existing governance and implementation of the enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Planning

Based on the created EA roadmap, our team of Enterprise Architects plans how to create enterprise architecture that increases the efficiency and productivity of organizations.

Delivery of Enterprise Architecture

Initially, we deliver the basic-level design and proof-of-concept to obtain feedback from the client. Based on the feedback received from the client, we make improvements, develop, and finally deliver robust and innovative enterprise architecture.

Evaluation of the Progress of Enterprise Architecture

We gather various performance measures, track the status of enterprise architecture and evaluate user feedback by identifying key areas of improvements in the delivered enterprise architecture.

Expertise of Our Enterprise Architecture Consultants

Our enterprise architecture service offerings cover all aspects of your business and information systems. With our decades of experience and expertise, we can offer enterprise architecture consulting services in a variety of areas, including:

Business Analysis

IT Strategy and Governance

IT Infrastructure Design and Planning

IT Project Management

IT Quality Management

IT Financial Management

IT Risk Management

IT and Data Security

Systems Architecture

System Design

Software Development

IT Operations

Cutting edge Technologies We Work On


Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence



Robotic Process Automation

Industries We Serve with Our Enterprise Architecture Services

Our Enterprise Architecture service offerings cater to clients from almost all industries. Here are some of the leading industries that we work with:

Food & Beverage



Travel & Hospitality

Education & E-learning

Media & Entertainment


Real Estate

Banking & Finance


Why Choose Us for Enterprise Architecture Services?

Enterprise Architecture showcases the organization in terms of its business entities, properties, and its relationships with the external environment. Enterprise Architects at Orange Mantra can assist you to design and implement the right Enterprise Architecture for your business. Here are some more reasons that make our Enterprise Architecture services offerings unique and reliable.
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Team of Certified Architects
  • A Wide Variety of Enterprise Architecture Service Offerings Under One Roof
  • Customized Services and Solutions
  • Expertise in a Variety of Areas
  • Timely Delivery
  • Strict Adherence to NDA
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Competitive Pricing


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Enterprise architecture defines the whole structure and operation of an organization taking into account and aligning business, information, application, data, technology, analytics, security, and privacy domains to support strategic results source.

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