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A Peek Into the Strategic Technologies of 2017

Strategic Technologies of 2017

Businesses are becoming hi-tech by quickly embracing the new technologies. The innovations are ruling out the old app development strategies in no time. Moreover, there arises a compulsion for the enterprises to stay with the trend as a move to protect their application from vulnerabilities, validation, privacy issues rather than being tech-savvy. The responsive designs are no more catchy but a normal piece of website design and development. The businesses are moving towards the most grounded front-end web application development technology than the desktop and the mobile applications.

In addition to this, the most demanding strategic technologies in the coming future will be nothing but digital business everywhere in 2017. Let us explore some of them.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine-learning Technologies: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning would change the future behavior. More intelligent devices and programs will come up that are able to comprehend, learn, predict, adapt, and operate autonomously.

Intelligent Applications: It is expected that every application and existing software would be infused and enabled with Artificial Intelligence. The advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence powered autonomous business will be on the show. Gartner, the American research and advisory firm forecasts that by 2018, the business leaders may utilize the big data and analytics to enhance their customer experience.

Intelligent Things: The intelligent things like robots, drones, existing IoT (Internet of Things) devices will be seen everywhere like office, factory floor, home, medicine and other industry sectors. The physical world would be elaborated and reflected in the digital world.

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Creating immersive experiences with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for shopping, gaming and other software systems will be increasing strategically. Though they may not replace the other interface models, most of the business models will become dependent on this.

Digital Twins: The digital twins form a critical link between the physical world’s data and the data contained in the digital world. It is already being in use for aviation technology where a digital model, an exact working replica is maintained to comprehend its experience and possible future predictions.

Block Chain: It’s a kind of distributed ledger wherein the value exchange transactions are made into blocks sequentially. It is a promising model for industries as it reduces the business friction by providing the transparent data access. It is very promising for the industry operating models.

Conversational System: The enterprises in near future would offer a conversation-driven user experience and thus facilitating contextual conversation for business events. It facilitates interaction between people and people; people and system; and system to system.

Mesh App and Service Architecture: It links up the endpoints such as the devices, apps, microservices, services, and other data sources so that it can provide a cohesive and consistent user experience. It facilitates the methods of interacting with the technology.

Digital Technology Platforms: The CIOs and IT leaders may use the five major platforms like Information Systems, Analytics and Intelligence, Internet of Things, Business Ecosystems, and Customer experience to enable new capabilities and business models.

Adaptive Security Architecture: It is nothing but flexible security measures adopted in order to protect the information of an organization. It demands integration of predictive, preventive, detective, and response capabilities so that the security becomes fluid and adaptive.

According to Gartner, these technologies are bound to shape the individual’s way and the companies approach to derive value from the technologies. Orange Mantra, a well-established IT firm involved in web services, mobility, Ecommerce store and digital marketing solutions is known as the early adopters of technologies with enthusiastic technology partners for your business. For more details, please visit the website: www.orangemantra.com