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How to Build a Profitable E-commerce Website

A successful online venture depends on how you present your business over the Internet. The ideal factors that lead to online success include the domain name, technology used for user experience, and the logistics implied for customer delivery.

Domain Name: The online store must be catchy, short, easy to remember, and does not violate copyright or trademarks.

Technology: Nowadays we find a number of open source technologies like PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, and, etc., to choose as per the size and functionality requirement of the online shop.

Logistics: It is worth to have a centralized warehouses and assisted distribution centers across the required locations. This helps to render fast service and earn customers trust.

Moving further, as the e-commerce website allows the merchant to host his products and/or services, provides a platform for multiple vendors, and invites customers to transact business; it must be user-centric, intuitive, secure and reliable based with real time offerings. Moreover, mobile commerce and social commerce could be exploited positively to reach a wide range of potential customers. The statistical reports anticipate a 30 percent of global retail e-commerce via mobiles by 2018 and target group of customers could be reached by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and, etc.

In addition, the most important thing is the e-commerce website must and should have exclusive functionalities and features to support error free management and consumer interaction. A few of the must have features are as SEO Friendly URL, Admin Dashboard, Seller Dashboard, Unlimited Products & Categories, Categories Management, Product Comparison, Stock Management, Order Management, Responsive Themes, Shipping Methods, Easy Checkout, and, etc. Further, to facilitate global customers it is better to have website that supports Multilanguage multicurrency and calculate commission or taxes as per the region on real time basis.

The merchants must be able to manage their customer list, derive summary with reviews and ratings, Google Analytics and send automated newsletter, email, or gift coupons for potential repeat customers and thereby increase converts or return on investment.

And the last factor, but not the least factor to consider is to host the website on cloud so that it is economical, reliable, scalable, and would be easy to cope with the uncertain scaling of sales. Mention not to say, in this digital era, online marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, SMO, and e-mail marketing gives all the push to stand out from the overcrowded virtual market.

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