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Issac Muthui’s visit and Diwali Celebartion

Issac Muthui, CEO of Churchblaze visited Orange Mantra, Gurgaon and spent more than a week’s time with the team. He also celebrated Diwali before he left for his hometown, Kenya. On the Diwali celebration day he wore Indian Traditional attire .He danced with us and also sang songs and was very much part of the festivity.

Churchcblaze is a social networking site where people can meet, find friends and be socially together. Via the site one can Connect, Share and fellowship with believers in Christ from church all over the world.

It is a Christian community social network that brings all Christians from all over the world together. Church blaze is an interdenominational social network for Christians.

He visited India for official purpose. Orange Mantra is the agency who is working along with him and his team to develop his website. The site is made in Social Engine. Orange Mantra’s developers have done an excellent job from the functionality per say. The site has clarity in regards to features and flow. The prospect member or user will find the site easy going from one page to the other.

The visit has been quite successful in many ways. We are looking forward to making it a lasting and long term relation.