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Why Laravel PHP Framework is Best for Enterprise Web Application?

Why Laravel PHP Framework is Best for Enterprise Web Application?

Are you an owner of a company providing enterprise business solutions to clients around the globe? Are you looking to build an enterprise web application for your organization but not having a proper idea about which framework needs to be used? Then, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to talk about the multiple reasons for which the Laravel framework is considered as the perfect choice for developing enterprise web applications.

Now, before discussing in deep about the blog topic, we need to know what is Laravel and why Laravel development services are in huge demand. The reason behind discussing it is, it will help you properly understand the reasons why Laravel is the preferred choice for enterprise business apps.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source and free PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell. It aims to ease the complex web application development work. It is based on one of the PHP popular frameworks Symphony and that’s why you’re guaranteed to enjoy top quality features missing in other frameworks.

Today, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework and this truth is not hidden from people. Most enterprises prefer Github to check reviews, and Laravel framework has received the highest rating on that, then there is no doubt about its performance & popularity. But, the question that still remains is why people prefer the Laravel development company for developing the enterprise business application? So, let’s discuss Laravel features.

1. Open-Source

Business enterprises looking to invest in a web application can opt for the Laravel framework as it is free to avail & open-source. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why it is the no.1 choice of developers.

One of the major benefits of an open-source framework is that it doesn’t require any fees for the license and can be customized according to the project requirement. You all very well know that the needs of enterprise applications depend on various factors of a business. So, in that kind of situation, Laravel could be your best bet.

2. Highly-Secure

Laravel is a highly-secure PHP framework that blocks any malware activities trying to enter within the web application. It makes website data and codes safe and secure from any hacking activity. If you hire dedicated Laravel developer for your web application development then it will be free of cyber-attacks. Another reason to select Laravel is its high performance of web apps.

It uses several tools that help the developers to improve the web application performance. That’s means if an enterprise develops a web application with Laravel framework then it will perform far better than other web apps.

3. Fast to Market

In today’s world where competition is severe, there is a massive trend of fast app development. All the enterprises want to reach the market as fast as possible, as their customers demand changes rapidly and they depend on web applications for every work.

This is a key point in Enterprise App Development, as it is particularly designed for an organization. That’s where Laravel is very helpful, as it allows app development in less time due to the presence of pre-built components. So, Time-To-Market the products are way faster in comparison to other frameworks.

4. Smooth Data Migration

Database migration is a complicated job to perform and most developers feel it quite complicated to perform. Even the most experienced developers face challenges when they’re given the task of database migration. Now, being a business owner, you’re planning to build an Enterprise Application, there is every chance that you need database migration service.

In order to deal with such a situation, it is important to outsource the Laravel development agency having all the resources to expand the database structure without re-creating it. Thus, the risk of losing any important data becomes very less.

5. Facility of Unit Testing

Any web application development process is incomplete if proper testing is not done. Once you have done the coding part, it is important to test the application before the final release. This will find out web application performance, speed and security.

Now, when you use any framework for developing, it will consist of different development tools. But, there are very few frameworks having the facility of testing and Laravel is one of them. It is capable of performing multiple unit tests and many more, you don’t have to test the web application separately.

6. Route Caching

Are you someone who is looking forward to building Enterprise Business Application? Then, making it fast should be your biggest challenge. That’s where the Laravel framework could be your perfect solution, as it comes with a feature of route cache.

This high-quality feature of route cache increases the loading speed of the web application. But, the drawback of this feature is that, once you activate it, any changes performed within the application will not be reflected in the live environment. So, only during the deployment, it is possible to reveal see the changes.

Wrapping Up:

In today’s fast-paced world, Enterprise Business Applications are becoming a big trend and ruling the IT market and that’s why Laravel application development company is focusing in this area. Enterprise Application is designed by keeping a specific business in mind and it only works in a particular environment. Now, whenever a web application needs customization, the development task becomes a bit complicated. For those situations, a secure, smooth and easy to implement framework is required. That’s where Laravel is the best choice.

After going through this blog, you will be aware of the significant reasons behind Laravel’s popularity and why it is the most preferred framework for Enterprise Business Applications. You can share your requirements with a reputed development company like Orange Mantra and get the best development services. We have a team of experienced developer that can build a secure & smooth web application.