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7 Mobile App Development Errors That You Must Absolutely Avoid

App Development Errors

You may be all set to build a mobile presence for your business with a brand-new mobile app establishes you on the App Store. But have you contemplated the kind of competition that lies ahead, with thousands of similar apps vying for the users’ attention? With such daunting circumstances to face, you would realize the significance of investing in outstanding app solutions. This leaves no room for errors as even the smallest of mistakes can translate into the app’s failure. Needless to say, you should be aware of the common mobile app development errors to ensure that your team sidelines them completely during the process and comes up with a solution that renders superlative experiences. Let us help you with a list of errors that you must absolutely avoid in this context.

1. Not understanding your audience
The process should initiate with building a user persona and failing to do so is the biggest mistake that you can make. If you are not clear about the expectations and needs of an average user, you may end up choosing all the wrong features for your mobile app. Even if you are able to get them download the app, the chances of abandonment are high because they will not get what they want or may have a clutter of useless features to deal with. Surveying your target audience is the key to customer acquisition and more crucially, user retention.

2. Feature overload
Overwhelming your audience with a very large number of features will do your app more harm than good, even if it is done with the right intentions. They may confuse the user and have a negative impact on the speed and performance. All in all, a feature-overloaded app can hamper the quality of user experience to an extent that the user may be forced to uninstall eventually. Conversely, offering fewer and targeted features is a better option to hold them on and enrich their experiences. The feature choice depends on the user persona and business vertical as well. For instance, an AR app may be a great choice for a fashion e-commerce store but may not be good enough for a taxi business.

3. Not paying attention to the UI
If you want to secure a strong presence on the App Store, nothing works better than an exceptional UI that differentiates you from competing apps. Not focusing on building once can cost you a lot as you will not be able to achieve the objective of your investment. A good UI, on the other hand, acts as the key to user engagement and retention. Follow a proper design process that is focused on creating rich and relevant elements along with an intuitive navigational flow. At the same time, ensure that each of the elements load without any glitches because this determines the user experience.

4. Too many platforms to start with
Another error that you should avoid is to invest in apps for too many platforms at the initial stage. You may be tempted to invest in iPhone and Android app development right in the first go with the objective to capture users across all the platforms. But this may be counter-productive as it elevates the initial costs and does not give you the option to evaluate the opportunity before investing too much. The best way would be to do extensive market research, identify a lucrative beginner’s platform, explore it, and get customer feedback. Accordingly, you can work on making improvements when you create your app’s counterparts for other platforms.

5. Not testing the app before launch
As a user, a glitch-free performance is something that makes or breaks the experience and even a minor glitch can have them abandon the app never to come back again. So testing is an important phase of the development process and not doing it will risk the app’s success. Besides simple testing, you should have the app tested over a range of devices, browsers and operating systems to ensure that they deliver seamless experiences all the time. This is one mistake that you cannot afford to make at any cost.

6. Unplanned app launch
Another common mistake that has far-reaching implications is an unplanned app launch that can create a bad first impression on the users and lose them even before you start. The biggest errors that businesses make while planning the release is generalizing the market and not narrowing down their target audience. It is also crucial to validate your MVP and test the app rigorously before investing in a launch. Professional app store optimization also boosts the chances of success but nothing matches an exceptional user experience.

7. Not having a backup plan
No matter how much effort you invest in coming up with a perfect app solution, bugs are bound to happen post-launch. They may create big problems as poor user experiences can lead to abandonment as well as fall in app rankings. If you do not have a backup plan to address them, the entire effort will be wasted. Having a reliable support team ready to handle such contingencies is the best approach because the sooner these issues are resolved, the better it is for your business.

When it comes to identifying and avoiding these mistakes, the choice of an app development partner matters a lot. In fact, the biggest challenge is to hire mobile app developers who are able to assist you through a seamless development process and create an exceptional error-free solution that matches your needs. Here it becomes vital to choose a team that has the right skill set, expertise, and experience. Also, it is important to ensure that their costing comes within your budget and they adhere to the best quality standards as well.

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