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7 Compelling Reasons to Choose Magento for Mobile Commerce

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Mobile Commerce

Businesses and consumers alike cannot imagine life without digital commerce anymore. As we continue to deal with a global health crisis, online shopping and selling have remained the most universal trend across industries. And when it comes to digital business activities, nothing makes things smoother than a custom mobile app. And that’s where solutions like Magento mobile commerce come into play. Plenty of businesses across industries are using Magento 2 development to build personalized eCommerce apps.

In this blog post, we will discuss the key benefits of deploying mobile commerce (m-commerce), focusing on Magento. From creating unique shopping experiences to order management and analytics, Magento mobile apps could boost your business in many ways. While some choose Magento’s off-the-shelf software, many prefer Magento development services to build custom apps. Below are some of the most compelling reasons to choose Magento.

Why Choose a Magento Mobile App for Your eCommerce?

Magento mobile commerce ensures mobile-friendly checkouts, responsive themes, and PWAs, and much more. Here’s why should build a personalized Magento app for your business.

1. Unique Shopping Experiences

Magento mobile commerce enables you to create a unique, engaging, and frictionless shopping experience for diverse customers. At the same time, the Magento framework also ensures superior security, performance, and cloud-based capabilities. Magento’s out-of-the-box features make it one of the most preferred platforms among medium and large enterprises. And the growing tendency to hire Magento developers is a significant testimony of this trend. Using the ability to implement unlimited customizations, you could redefine your eCommerce.

2. Seamless Order Management

Streamlining the processes between online and physical stores has become more pressing than ever. With the pandemic making online sales to almost every kind of business, merchants need to bridge the gap between digital and brick-and-mortar stores. It also helps create a frictionless purchasing experience for customers. Capabilities like efficient order fulfillment, flexible inventory management, and cost-effective delivery make dramatically improves your business operations. That is why you could consider Magento 2 development for an end-to-end eCommerce system.

3. Push Notifications

Keeping your customers updated about your offerings and special deals plays a crucial role in sales and conversion. But with an eCommerce website, it’s not easy to notify customers. But using an m-commerce app, you can create efficient push notification capabilities. Push notifications help you create a more personalized approach to sales and marketing. Usually, Magento development services comprise custom offerings that allow you to pick the desired features. For instance, you could target consumers based on gender, age, interests, location, etc. Since consumers are more likely to be active on their mobile device than a desktop, push notifications generate better conversions.

4. Rapid Shift to Digital

Since the onset of the pandemic, consumer behaviors are evolving rapidly. That means, as a merchant, you need to transform faster than ever. With an m-commerce app, that becomes smother. Nearly two in every three shoppers are now using their mobile devices to buy things, according to a report by The Integer Group. That means brands and retailers need to be more aware of trends and interests. Since mobile apps are more personalized and dynamic, your insights become deeper and more useful.

5. Access to Customer Location

With access to the customer’s location data, you could make your marketing campaigns more targeted. Besides, there are crucial areas in retail that benefit significantly from location data. Using a holistic data model, you reach a new level of consumer understanding. It dramatically powers the process of creating effective omnichannel marketing. Plus, location data enables you to achieve sequential messaging. Today, a growing number of retailers are going omnichannel. Mobile commerce provides a seamless connection between physical and digital.

6. Faster & More Shopper-Friendly

More and more markets are now rolling out 5G connectivity. That means customers will have faster connectivity on their mobile devices. Shopping from mobile devices is already getting faster than before. With the rapid evolution of Magento 2 development, you can now get advanced capabilities to attract shoppers. A Magento commerce app is locally stored on the customer’s device. That means it not just offers offline accessibility, but also provides a native user experience. Superior app experiences are likely to drive better conversions and sales.

7. Valuable Business Intelligence

Using a Magento commerce mobile app, you can get insights that allow you to build a data-driven online business. From analyzing your top shoppers to best-selling products and efficient promotions, analytics changes the entire game. You can smoothly share this information across the organization for teams to chalk out better strategies. Additionally, Magento development services enable you to build data dashboards more making insights easily understandable and more useful.

Wrapping Up

Features like a speedy checkout, immersive product search, and location-specific offerings have become more crucial than ever. As consumers embrace these trends more widely, merchants need to respond quickly to the shifting trends. An e-commerce app allows you to achieve all these in a cost-efficient way. At OrangeMantra, a trusted Magento development services provider, we cater to all your e-commerce needs. Being an Adobe Partner company, we can deliver capabilities that most other vendors can’t. Reach out to us to discuss your mobile commerce strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean by m-Commerce?

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of products and services through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. M-commerce relies on mobile apps, or eCommerce apps, using which customers can search, order, and track products, among other things.

Q. How much does it cost to develop a Magento m-Commerce app?

The costs of making a Magento m-Commerce app vary widely, depending on your needs. If you need a simple online store with basic features and storefront, costs are comparatively lower. OrangeMantra makes reliable eCommerce mobile apps at a competitive price.

Q. How long does it take to develop a Magento eCommerce app?

There’s no predefined time for developing a Magento eCommerce app. It varies widely depending on the features of the solution and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult development experts.