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Be the Smart Institute with Mobile ERP System in the City

Mobile ERP System

The Mobile technology today has penetrated far and wide influencing various segments and changing lives. The educational institution is also the part of the sectors which are enveloping the revolution to derive maximum benefits. Apart from making its presence online and e-learning, the implementation of mobile technology plays a key role in simplifying the management process of any educational institution. The School ERP, School management software or the Campus ERP help the management authorities to increase the pace of their work with more efficiency and easiness.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is nothing but an integrated set of software modules and is effective in educational institutions. With the help of mobile ERP, the universities and colleges are able to have a complete look of their institution just by a simple login from anywhere, anytime and with fewer clicks.
The general norm of tethering to a computer at the chosen physical locations has got transformed diminishing the distance and time for activities.

Some of the benefits of having a mobile ERP system fro a school or the University are as briefed below.

  • The admission process could be automated and saves the management time significantly as the prospective students are able to apply online through the self-service portal.
  • It facilitates the students to enroll themselves for applying to the academic courses, register for admission, pay for the courses and so forth. And the management is able to find the student information as they need.
  • It engages the faculty in daily activities such as timetable preparation, enter marks, update grades, and more activities with personalized access and institution-wide information.
  • It helps to manage personnel, funds, engage with the staff, strengthens decision-making, and more for smoother administration processes.
  • The app may even get featured with location tracking to track the campus bus or the vehicle to show up in real time helping the anxious parents and the staff commuters.
  • The campus diary helps the students and the staff as well to stay informed with the class test or the exam schedule, fee reminders, exam results, festivals, holidays, special campus events, and such other things.
  • The Gallery show up the photos, videos of various events like Orientation programs, club activities, annual day function, sports day, excursion, and, etc. The students are able to access the gallery through the app.
  • The entire library could be made online which helps the students and the staff as well to access the books and references online anytime from anywhere. The access could be made on the basis of the credentials or as required.
  • The ID card automation helps to track the attendance of the students by the student and the staff. In small schools, even the parents are given the access to track their wards (young pupils) attendance and take care of their performance.
  • The ERP system could be configured for the multiple courses and the batches. The management personnel is able to record and access their employee details, manage their payrolls, attendance, leaves, and, etc.
  • The ERP app for the schools or the universities could be coupled with an inbuilt messaging system which helps in communicating with the parents, school, and the students quickly and instantly. Further, it may act as the reminders of various happenings.
  • And, there are more features which could be customized and incorporated as per the school/colleges’ guidelines and necessities. In a nutshell, the mobile ERP helps the management and the administrative board to conduct a smooth management throughout their academic processes.

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