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Build Social Communities to Develop Your Organization

Today, the mode of communication has advanced farther bringing in more people together to interact and form a network. People communicate with one another in and outside an organization through variant tools like e-mail, chat systems, and, so forth.
People are communal in nature and keep themselves engaged with their fellowmen discussing around their functions, culture, profession, information exchange, build relationship, and, etc.

The advent of social technologies has engaged and nurtured the online communities in a more productive way. It has become the main means of marketing as they can build a personal relationship, engage a particular group of people, and bring together people having common interests. The community was existing even before blogs were started and now has become the active essence of social business. Depending on the business objectives, target groups to be engaged or served, we find different types of online communities. It includes personal community and customized customer and/or internal community.

The business benefits of Online Communities

  • The marketing efforts depend on how one may match the content and information resources with the expectation of customer or community members. Most of the businesses focus on the following objectives to be met through an online community.
  • Enhance the awareness and reputation of the brand through transparent and interactive approach.
    Implement content marketing strategy by creating and sharing content that discusses the purpose and goals.
  • Act upon the insights of people response and enhance marketing efforts like identification of content gaps.
  • Identify the influencer, the reach of the blogs, word-of-mouth, and other marketing strategies.
  • Increase the number of interaction channels, communication, marketing, and other opportunities for customer service.
  • Improve efficiency, involvement, customer-centricity and other objectives through inputs and feedback.

Most of these goals revolve around customer reach, loyalty and thereby business acquisition. The basis of customer retention and customer loyalty is to provide unbeatable customer experiences across the channels. Loyalty is concerned to trust, perceived value, sense of credibility, satisfaction, and, more. These emotional dimensions play the major role in community marketing.

Some of the loyalty programs include:

  • Identify the higher loyalty by tracking the behavior of the customers, surveys, and personal interactions.
  • Identify and analyze the different segments of loyal customers and their specific needs.
  • Building personal programs to identify the untapped potential.
  • Identify and analyze the media consumption pattern and content demands to feed the community-driven content marketing strategy.
  • Prepare your collaborators to understand the importance of different strategies and its development.

Growing the loyalty efforts is more important and communities form the great ways to achieve it. Social Engine is one of the best ways to create an online community or the website as it is very simple and gives complete control on the site and management.
Orange Mantra offers Social Engine Development services catering to the diverse demands of the customers at regional and global level. You may review the social engine plugins developed us to improve business development.