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Mobile App Categories That Are Making It Big In 2017

Posted By : admin
Mobile App Categories

Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of human existence these days. They have attained a level of addiction as smartphone users fail to imagine life without the ones that they use every day. From business to health care, education, travel, banking, and entertainment, there is an app for every imaginable human activity. Though there are millions of mobile applications to choose from, some are more popular as compared to others. Here are the most popular categories that have been identified looking at the mobile application development trends in 2017:

Gaming Apps
The category of gaming applications has emerged as an undisputed winner in the popularity race this year. These rank the highest in terms of profitability and engagement too, with ones such as War-Fire Age and Clash of Clans making profits as high as $1.2 million per day. Some other biggies in this category are Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Asphalt Xtreme, and Crashland.

Social Media Apps
Another category that is making it big in 2017 is that of social media applications. Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter, have been ruling the play store for years and are still going strong. The reason for their popularity is that a large number of users are glued to these social sites and find their on-the-go mobile versions more alluring.

Wearable Apps
Wearable apps have arrived and they are definitely here to stay. The disruptive technology of IoT is the major driving force behind these applications, which connect wearable devices with things. These have made it big in health and fitness, education, home automation, and workforce management genres.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Enterprise mobility solutions are becoming an essential for all industry verticals these days. From process automation to increased productivity, seamless communication, and more, the benefits of these solutions are endless. Businesses are adopting innovative technologies such as the cloud, BYOD, and artificial intelligence to add to the utility of these mobility solutions.

Messaging Apps
Another category of applications that is trending in 2017 is the ones used for messaging, such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Telegram. These facilitate easy communication between the users irrespective of their location. Features such as chatting, voice calling, and video calling add to their value.

Shopping Apps
Online giants such as Amazon, Snapdeal, and FlipKart have been ruling the e-commerce scenario with their mobile applications. This trend is going to become even bigger as more and more e-commerce sellers are jumping on to the m-commerce bandwagon. These are going to be more exciting now as they will include latest technological offerings such as location-based offers, virtual try-rooms, chatbots, and more.

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Streaming Apps
2017 is seeing a new revolution in the media and entertainment industry as there is an iconic rise in the popularity of live streaming mobile applications. Large media houses are using these to live stream audio and video content. YouTube and Tubi TV are the most popular names in this category.

On-Demand Apps
With on-demand business model thriving in 2017, there has been a corresponding rise in the popularity of mobile applications in this genre. There are plenty of Uber-like apps on the app store, delivering services such as haircuts, laundry, food delivery, and much more.

The trending mobile app categories for 2017 show an inclination towards the adoption of the latest technologies in mobile application development. App developers who want to put their best foot forward should focus on these categories and the trends running in them.