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Why Mobile Apps Are a Must for Enterprise Digital Transformation

digital transformation solutions

Like so many things in 2020, the way enterprises use mobile apps is changing — rapidly. And that’s good news for you! The environment is riper than ever to fully embrace digital transformation. With mobile apps becoming one of the leading digital transformation solutions, businesses are shifting their perspectives about technology. Mobile app-based processes and interactions are turning mainstream across industry verticals.

In this blog post, we will dig deeper into how enterprise mobility is reshaping the landscape of digitization. With an unprecedented rise in the deployment and use of apps, small and large businesses alike are experiencing changes we couldn’t have imagined until the last year. Here’s how.

How Mobile Apps Drive Digitization

The goal of digital transformation might be different for different businesses. For instance, an early-stage startup may use digitization for reaching out to a larger audience and establish a brand image. While a well-entrenched company could use it for improving existing customer relations and overall service quality. With the right mobile application development strategy, businesses can easily achieve their unique goals.

Seamless technology integration 

The success of your enterprise digital transformation depends heavily on what kind of technology you use — and how you use them. Be it enterprise app development or the deployment of a chatbot, you need to have an approach that fits our business model. For instance, before developing an app, you need to know the mobile app trends dominating your industry.

Enterprise mobile apps enable you to integrate emerging technologies like AI, big data, chatbots, and IoT. All these technologies have now become crucial tools for staying competitive in a dynamic market environment.

Better customer experience 

As the world of digital commerce expands rapidly, customer experiencing is getting more crucial than ever. An insights-driven digital transformation plan lets you drastically enhance the customer experience. With the availability of a fascinating range of digital transformation solutions, you can impress customers in many ways. From offering m-Commerce to automated customer support and beyond, digitization changes the way you interact with customers. By creating personalized experiences, digital transformation gets your business closer to customers. It further helps pave the way customer loyalty.

Efficient business operations

You just cannot run a successful business (let alone optimal customer experience) without efficient operations management. And enterprise mobile apps help you enhance exactly that. With personalized mobile apps for specific areas, or even one app for many things, you can dramatically improve operational efficiency. That’s the reason so many businesses invest heavily in mobile application development as part of their growth plan. Operations and logistics help you keep your business machinery up and running. 

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses faced devastating operational disruptions. Most of these businesses didn’t have a well-developed infrastructure in place. And that’s a major trend driving digital transformation amid the pandemic-induced shutdowns. Businesses that quickly adapted to digital-first market conditions were able to restore operations and re-start the revenue streams.

Remote work-ready business

Remote work became mainstream early in the pandemic. A growing number of small, medium, and large businesses are operating remotely. Thanks to an extensive array of digital platforms. And mobile apps have a remarkable contribution to this plethora of digital tools required to operate remotely. Be it arranging virtual team meetings or ensuring seamless client communication, enterprise mobile apps are everywhere. Some companies are even choosing IoT app development to further boost customer experience via digital transformation.

As work from home becomes a norm and remote operations a prerequisite, mobile apps seem to be the easy way to deal with this tectonic shift. Futuristic business leaders are already thinking long-term about how mobile apps will further reshape the commercial world. And it is high time you too have a strategic plan for enterprise mobility.

Rounding off

Digital transformation is an endless journey for enterprises. However, achieving new milestones become easier once you have fully embraced it. Since digitization trends are directly driven by consumer behavior and market demands, your plan needs to be dynamic by design. At OrangeMantra, we have earned an unparalleled specialization in digital transformation services of all kinds. And this expertise has been honed by a diverse experience spanning across industry verticals. With an award-winning mobile app development team, we know how to speed up your digital transformation for quick business results.


Q. What is meant by digital transformation?
Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create or modify business infrastructure. Digital solutions enable enterprises to enhance the work culture, and customer experiences, and implement remote working, among other things.

Q. How do I make an enterprise app?
If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, the best way to create an enterprise mobile app is to hire an app development company or a dedicated app developer for your project. OrangeMantra offers industry-best app development services at a competitive price.

Q. What does it mean to work remotely?
Remote work, or work from home, is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. Remote work arrangements are based on a tech-enabled infrastructure. OrangeMantra builds remote work solutions within the shortest development time possible.

Q. How much does it cost to build an enterprise mobile app?
The costs of developing an enterprise mobile app depend on several factors. Design complexity, development time, type of features, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. OrangeMantra builds on-demand food delivery apps at competitive prices, without compromising with quality.