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ShopTataCofee – A Tale of Tata Coffee’s First-ever Ecommerce Platform in India

Developing a feature-rich eCommerce Solution and Enhancing Tata Coffee’s Brand’s Presence

A Brief Overview of

We all know that Tata Coffee is one of the largest Coffee and Tea brands in India. It is a subsidiary of the Tata empire. Tata wanted to own an eCommerce platform of its own where it could sell its products and jump-start its expansion in the eCommerce sector. Hence, the Sonnets by Tata Coffee development came into place. With this platform, Tata starts offering Tata Coffee exclusively on its own platform and making its official entry into the eCommerce Sector.

‘Requirement is not the end of the road, It is the beginning of an Open Highway’ – Me

Tata Coffee never had a dedicated platform from where they could sell their exclusive coffee products. Tata needed a robust platform that can be used to boost the already hyped coffee products and further can be used as a platform to launch new products later. After the initial discussion, Tata with OrangeMantra decided to create an MVP version of the originally planned eCommerce platform. MVP because Tata needed to understand the customer base they had and hence, wanted to launch only 4 best of their products from around the world on the eCommerce platform.

Furthermore, Tata wanted to create a brand presence with expert SEO practices and digital marketing to let their consumers be aware of their new platform and a better ranking on Search Engine Pages. A proper eCommerce platform would ensure that only the Original Tata products are being delivered to their consumers and no extra is charged for the services. This platform further allows Tata to offer a glimpse of their vast estate to the consumers.

Solutions Offered by OrangeMantra

“With Great power, Comer Great Responsibility” – Uncle Ben

OrangeMantra, being a leading Digital Transformation Organization, has the power to transform any business and took the respo“1nsibility of converting a theoretical idea into reality by offering numerous development and Marketing Solutions to Tata Coffee that kick-started their eCommerce Platform’s business

plateform development

Platform development

After considering the requirements of Tata Coffee and our experience in developing in the eCommerce industry, we mutually decided to create the eCommerce platform in Magento. Magento is an Open-Source CMS written in PHP language and is supported by PHP based frameworks like Laminas and Symfony. Why Magento?

Magento is a highly robust and flexible framework and is the best option available in the CMS environment right now for eCommerce development. Although a bit Complex to handle, Magento-based platforms are easily scalable and offer merchants to develop a feature-rich, high performing platform that allows them to provide an exceptionally well User-experience.

Another reason for adopting Magento was because, for Tata coffee, This was just an MVP product. Once the platform’s performance is measured, it needs to be converted into a full-fledged eCommerce Website with a lot of customizations and a lot of memory. Magento’s enterprise version is able to handle such a level of heavy customization and memory usage by offering cloud-storage and cloud -hosting, allowing us to develop a high-performance, enterprise-level platform.

PSD Development

Before carrying out the actual Development, Our team of designers created a PSD as a prototype for our client. This helps us in communicating our understanding of their product and depicting how an actual platform would look like. This also helps in saving a lot of time on the development process as our expert developers are skilled enough to convert a PSD to a fully-functional and pixel-perfect Magento Website in no time.

PSD Development
SEO Practices

SEO Practices

After the development and deployment process, OrangeMantra provided the service of SEO that includes creating backlinks, creating XML, Sitemap, Robot.TXTs. Furthermore, our SEO team spends quality time enhancing the speed and page load speed of the website while ensuring that the platform is completely responsive to attract all sorts of users i.e. from desktop to mobile devices.

Digital Marketing

Our service further included kick-starting the sales process on the website. In order to achieve this task, our team created a number of social media channels across every major platform to create a brand’s presence. To be fair, we already had an upper hand in this process as Tata Coffee is already a known brand across the country. Still to lure consumers from traditional shopping platforms to a newly created and dedicated Coffee platform is a challenging task. Yet our team handled the project with ease and leveraged the power of digital media as well as paid marketing to jump-start the selling process.

SEO Practices


Adopting the latest practices in the SEO and Digital Marketing field:

  • within a month is now ranking on the top 3 pages of Google across different Keywords.
  • For more than 4 Keywords, the homepage of this website is ranking on the 1st page in different search engines.
  • The website in one month crossed the traffic mark of an average of 10,000 users per month.
  • The website is highly mobile-friendly as more than 60% of the total traffic is directed through mobile devices.
  • Currently, all the items are Sold-out.

At Current growth, it can be speculated that is going to cross the mark of 100,000 users by the end of the first quarter or 2021.

About OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra is an established Digital Transformation Organization and with the help of a dedicated team of developers and years of experience, is transforming the innovation world with its unique problem-solving approaches. Our extensive knowledge of the platform such as Magento allows us to offer such exceptional services across every major industry.

Why Choose OrangeMantra

  • Skilled Team of developers, designers, analysts, and managers
  • Out-of-the-box Magento 2 development Services
  • Unique Yet Effective Problem-Solving Approach
  • Dedicated Digital Marketing Team
  • Agile methodology to ensure development and deployment Timeline
  • Maintenance and Support

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