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How Chat Bots Are Poised To Revolutionalize Digital Marketing

Chat Bots Are Poised To Revolutionalize Digital Marketing

The rise of e-commerce has changed the way things are bought and sold. It has also led to an immense increase in the use of technology in various business processes, including the digital marketing operations. Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies that is making it big in this domain. The most interesting AI use case in the digital domain is in the form of chat bots. These AI-powered computer programs are capable of real-time interactions with the customers by simulating authentic two-way conversations.

Chat bots are truly a game-changer for e-commerce as they form the basis of conversational commerce that drives sales by building connections with the customers. With the rising significance of chat bots, it becomes important to understand how they can enhance the digital marketing strategies for a business. Let us explore the ways in which these smart virtual assistants are poised to rewrite the future of digital marketing:

Personalization of user experience
Personalization of shopping experiences is the key to success in the competitive e-commerce scenario. Shoppers love to be treated well and these smart assistants do a great job at this. They offer instant gratification by coming up with fast customer service response or simply, by being available to chat with the customer. Moreover, they are empowered to gather customer data and metrics related to their shopping preferences, navigation history, and demographics. The power of big data can be harnessed to provide personalized shopping recommendations and offers as well as to enhance the customer experience manifold.

Efficient, scalable and cost-effective alternative
Chat bots have emerged as a smart alternative to human customer support as they offer efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. In fact, it is far easier to make an automated program available round-the-clock than it is to do with a human support team. The high-tech, intelligent bots even have the capability to understand the human behavior and emotions and converse with them like human assistants to give them an outstanding experience.

Consistent Branding Support
Another reason that chat bots are becoming the mainstay of e-commerce websites and mobile applications today is the consistent branding support they offer for the business. As social media marketing plays a crucial role in the digital strategy, there is a need to run campaigns across various social channels to get ample popularity for the business brand. With chat bots at work, it becomes easier to implement these campaigns and keep them updated on a regular basis to get the brand propagated across diverse social platforms.

But will chat bots replace humans for good?
The widespread adoption of chat bots seems to spell doom for humans engaged in the key business operations such as sales, support, and customer services. The big question here is whether they would completely replace the humans for good. Yes, these smart automated programs are capable of coming close to two-way human interactions but they can be ineffective in understanding the human emotions and thought processes. They can add value in terms of personalized product discovery by setting up a new model for search and navigation. On the other hand, dealing with human problems such as customer complaints and issues can be their weak points. Another not-so-impressive fact about chat bots is that, at the most elementary level, they are like just any other automated data collection systems. Customers might see them as invasive programs that brands use to collect personal information that they would later manipulate for their profits.

Though these innovative programs have come a long way, there is still a long way to go. Continued experimentation with bots is predicted in the coming times. The purpose would be to avail the best they have to offer and at the same time, to eliminate the negatives. Even though they cannot ever replace humans completely, they are likely to carve a niche for themselves in the fields like basic customer support, content navigation, and discovery. Needless to say, they will become an essential part of digital marketing strategy of every business in the future.

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