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Five Dominant Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

As we witness the development of e-commerce websites to a greater extent, it initiated a new era in marketing i.e., Digital marketing. Apart from cold calls, trade shows, canopies and other marketing tools, the Digital marketing has gained more traction in 2016 and is expected to continue so for the upcoming year 2017. Several medium and large-sized businesses are promoting their products and services by implementing various digital marketing strategies.

More companies will enter the digital world. With a flock of companies over the Internet, the user’s preference and search engine criteria would change to filter the huge amount of data. Let us investigate the top five reliable and promising digital marketing trends for the upcoming year 2017.

Live video streaming: Video ads are nothing new for the social media channels like the YouTube or the Facebook. It is quite popular since a few years, yet it is believed that in 2017, it would take an upper hand totally. More apps and platforms providing the live stream functionality; Google battling with in-SERP video advertising throws light on its possible acceptance among the users. Further, we may expect a variety of video ads in the lane.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: The game apps like Pokemon Go has already given the users a different experience which is close to reality. This has instigated the marketers and brands to come up with AR games, advertisements, and capitalize on AR apps to give an immersive experience for the users. Cinema graph, the subtle form of GIF will also show its emergence on several e-commerce websites.

Chatbots: The customers are always eager to have a prompt and immediate replies to their comments or queries. Chatbot, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot are designed in a way that they are able to answer the customer queries (most of them) without human intervention. In addition to task automation, it assists in data retrieval. Thus, it will become the vital method to enhance the consumer experience and interaction.

Cross-device marketing: There is no doubt that the millennial generation is techno-freaks. They aspire to explore all kinds of devices available in the market.This increases the marketing opportunities of the marketers in spite of difficult effort to move across the devices. The new tools would be developed which focus to recognize the customer across devices and track their unique activities and avail better insights of their preferences.

Social media: The bigger enterprises are bound to move into the social media landscape including the B2B businesses. It will bring up a business transformation based on trust economy. Transparency will be the new business paradigm as a mistake, complaint or favor messages will no more be private and has every chance to become viral or close the door for a business.

We are living in a fast-changing world. And things are to be reinvented and experimented in the days to come. Disruptive technologies will keep emerging and it is the adaptive efforts made by the companies in order to match with the trendy customers keeps the business moving on smoothly and achieve a long-lasting success.

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