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Bundled Apps: The Future of Mobile Application Development


The public witnessed the usage of bundled monoliths at the time of Internet inception and early 2000s. But, very soon after 2007, the launch of independent iPhone Apps by the Apple Inc., changed the entire scenario. Since then, we are accustomed to independent apps handling the specific demands of the user.

And now, the bundled apps returns back and is expected to dominate the mobile application development world for the next 4-5 years. The repeat of the cycle could be attributed for various reasons.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • The Asian market is dominated by the Android market and the current users are involved in a hectic schedule of downloading and installing apps for each task, update them, and so forth which kills a lot of time and also occupies more space in the phone. In addition, these apps may end up in slow performance owing to heavy memory.
  • There is one more inconvenience caused that is by what’s app usage. As people are more inclined towards the use of what’s app than any other apps including the FaceBook app, the mobile app developers are bound to lose 60-70% of the app users owing to space shortage.
  • These have led to the re-entry of the bundled apps across Asian countries and is gaining traction since last 1-2 years. The bundling happens for the day-to-day needs like wallet, news, chat, shopping, and, etc. For example, WeChat in China, Baidu, GoJek, and, etc. These apps have gained popularity on a massive scale and serving the multiple requirements of the users.

    However, the bundling apps development still remains a great challenge in meeting the consumer’s expectation. The User interface and the user experience must be accurate and precise.

    For instance, consider an app dealing with shopping, travel ticket booking, and so forth. The app must be able to pick up the right noun when the user clicks for his purpose. Suppose, when he clicks to book a flight ticket, the flight app may not interfere by selling trains or the flights. The challenge is to create specific UI for different use cases with 100% fidelity.

    The research is still an ongoing process for these bundled apps and yet throws light on its popularity in the coming years. Orange Mantra is an IT firm involved in web services, mobility solutions, and Digital marketing services. The mobile app developers are innovative and involved in welcoming new technology challenges and meeting the consumer expectations. For any queries regarding mobile app development or web services, you may visit us at www.orangemantra.com