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We love working with Startups

We love working with Startups

“Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength. ” – Hasidic Saying
[Reference: Guy Kawasaki’ s “The Art of the Start “]

We all begin at some point. The beginning can be as lavish as it can be thought and dreamt about or can be disastrous as one would not imagine but still we all start and that’ s how we move ahead and progress.

Orange Mantra will be one of those few firms who have had the pleasure and proud feel to be a part of few of the well-known brands. Brands always have a big name factor attach to it but with OM it is all about the efforts and time put behind it to get to a level higher of a startup and come into highlight.

With no solid support or a base, we have made them target not a niche sector indeed a bigger market so that their approach yields better results. We have always made it a rule of our experience that client is the focus and we should be able to address and understand the pain point of our clients. The delivery with speed and quality is very crucial. Such and many other similar points have been shared with our startup clients to which they have adhered to and feel fortunate to have implemented them while working with OM.

It’ s not about only designing and developing the website, the feel good factor and the approach of working as if it’ s for our own project has always brought us applauds.