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How IoT is Reshaping the Way Web Solutions Are Designed & Developed 

IoT development

The Internet of Things, more popularly known as IoT, is reshaping web development. As demands for web solutions skyrocket amid the pandemic, IoT development is playing an increasingly crucial role. The word order is now dependent on the internet. Web solutions have become integral parts of both personal and professional lives. Be it communication, remote work, or eCommerce, software solutions are everywhere. So, it the internet of things. In this blog post, we delve deeper into how IoT is bringing unprecedented changes to web development in numerous ways.

Even after the pandemic is over, the world will never be the same again. People’s attitude toward public health has dramatically changed during this virus outbreak. More and more businesses and organizations are now planning to reduce human in their activities and processes. This means the post-coronavirus world will see fewer people and more devices in business and other activities. Epidemiologists believe that social distancing is not going away anytime soon. This will prompt a rise in the adoption of IoT-enabled devices. Let’s have a look at the major impacts of IoT in web development.

The Rise and Rise of IoT in Web Development 

More than ever businesses are relying on remote work arrangements. It means there’s now human-to-computer interaction than human-to-human. This trend, among many others, playing a significant role in the increasing demands for IoT development. Here’s a list of the most striking impacts of IoT on the web development industry.

1. Increased use of virtual assistants 

The popularity of virtual assistants and chatbots were on the rise even before the pandemic. But the global shutdowns have prompted a new wave of chatbots and AI assistants among businesses and organizations. This has led to more IoT development across industries. Besides, the popularity of virtual personal assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa has also contributed to the trend. Big tech companies like Microsoft and Google are giving increased priority to IoT devices. 

2. Hybrid software development teams

With the spike in demand for IoT solutions, development teams are turning more dynamic and hybrid. Project managers understand that for the desired results, IoT developers need to closely collaborate with traditional web developers. For instance, web designers with comprehensive knowledge would help IoT developers to create design concepts. At the same time, traditional web designers would learn how to incorporate the internet of things into their designs. The next level of this approach might also call for inter-organization collaboration. Such hybrid teams will steer the journey of IoT-enabled web development in the times to come.

3. Increased efficiency & complexity of solutions 

IoT devices work based on a network of interconnected databases. When we add web design elements to them, like the front-end UI, their complexity increases. However, this also increases the usability and efficiency of IoT devices. The incorporation of IoT in web development brings a number of functional changes. With the inclusion of IoT development, the way of project management at a web development company also changes significantly. Project management might become more intricate and slower at times. This happens both design and development teams need to collaborate in new ways.

4. Dynamic user experience development 

All of us are aware that people using IoT devices will be generally more tech-savvy than traditional web users. That means IoT-enabled web solutions need to be super dynamic in terms of user experience. The responsibilities of UI and UX developers increase many folds when it comes to IoT development. IoT devices need highly responsive interfaces to perform seamlessly. Since IoT devices are strongly associated with data analytics, dynamic design is crucial for every single solution.

5. Data collection & performance improvements 

Data collection is one of the strongest and most efficient features of IoT devices. It changes web development more remarkably than any other factor associated with the internet of things. Users’ feedback gathering has long been an uphill task for web development teams. IoT changes it. With IoT solutions in place, developers get user feedback in real time. Continuous data collection creates an immense scope for performance improvements. Since these improvements are based on a staggering amount of data, they’re very comprehensive. Data collection and insights, therefore, enable web developers to work efficiently on iterations and other areas.


Every individual having even the basic idea of the ongoing technological shift understands the growing role of IoT in our lives. Web development is just one key area reflecting this trend of increased adoption of emerging technologies. Businesses and organizations are utilizing IoT solutions both as a medium of communication and tool for data collection. At OrangeMantra, a web development company, we help clients use IoT to their advantage. With an industry-leading team of designers, developers, and IoT enthusiasts, we are capable of building the most efficient IoT web solutions for your business. Follow our blogs to stay abreast of all the emerging technologies.


Q. What does IoT development mean?
IoT development means the use of the internet of things in developing software solutions. The components that make up most IoT devices include tags, sensors, embedded computers, and actuators. The development of embedded devices is becoming increasingly popular across industries. OrangeMantra offers IoT development services for all kinds of businesses.

Q. How much does it cost to build an IoT solution?
The costs of developing an IoT solution depend on several factors. Design elements, development time, the amount of data, etc. together determine the total cost. OrangeMantra offers reliable IoT development services at market best prices.

Q. How long does it take to develop an IoT web solution?
The development time varies widely depending on the features of the solution and the amount of data used. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult IoT development experts. We build efficient IoT solutions in short development time.