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An Avant-garde Banking & Fintech Mobile App To Empowering Women

Project Highlights

Our client needed a next-gen banking solution to empower women by ensuring handy banking services, money transfers, insurance, and online purchase. Thus, the company partnered with OrangeMantra to prepare a banking mobile app from scratch. App was integrated with splendid UI and advanced digital finance & banking features that can stand out among users. Moreover, it was essential for the client to empower women by educating digital finance and expenditure management.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The major roadblock in the way was keeping the solution unique while beating the existing banking and wallet applications. Meanwhile, the notion of empowering women requires in-depth target audience research while learning about the major challenges women face in adopting banking apps and their interests. Also, infusing complex financial offerings in one application required strong technology amalgamation, efficiency & expertise. Moreover, it was complex to integrate high-grade security in data safety and transactions while keeping the app simple & straight.

Technology Solution

Our team delivered a next-gen banking mobile application packed with several enticing features. The major ones were, a mobile wallet, P2P money transactions, UPI payments, stock investment, loan application management, credit & debit card activation, KYC, and much more. While we also integrated an in-app online shopping solution that helps users to find the best deals on cosmetics, clothing, and accessories. Meanwhile, the application also enabled an insurance solution for vehicles, gadgets, and healthcare making a one-stop shop for women to thrive. On the technology front, this native app was empowered with several powerful APIs such as Cashfree, and SmallCase, which ensure the utmost security in money transfers.

Value Delivered

Overall, the project was a great hit after initial MVP launch and grabbed significant attention of users, investors, and tech enthusiasts. The application is available on both Google play store & Apple Store and receiving continuous downloads. It helped our client enter in digital banking & fintech space while making finance & banking operations handy to household women.

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