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Web-based Solution for a Leading Agriculture Company

Project Highlights

A leading agriculture company needed a web-based solution selling online and managing departments and business processes. The company wanted to manage production, stock, order processing, etc. using the software application. The company provides innovative and systemic sustainable solutions to businesses, governments, and organizations. Their team of experts, researchers, engineers, and industrial partners worldwide continuously develop solutions to tackle ever-changing challenges of sustainable development.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The main challenge of the client was to manage production, stock, orders, order processing, and order shipment using traditional processes. The company didn’t have a software infrastructure. The company was facing major obstacles in areas including production management, stock management, product category management. They are also experience roadblocks in order processing and delivery management.

Technology Solution

Since the client operates in the agriculture industry, their requirements were unique in many ways. We set up a team of business analysts, agriculture industry experts, software developers, and project managers. They thoroughly analyzed the client’s business model and the requirements. After extensive analysis and deliberation, the team came up with a plan and a roadmap for the development project. They shared the plan with the client and got a go-ahead. Considering the diversity of the client’s collaborations and products, the development team needed to create a flexible solution. The solution would become both an online agricultural marketplace and a tool for managing business processes. The design and development team worked collaboratively to create a feature-rich online marketplace. The solution was designed to perfectly fit into the agriculture industry.

Value Delivered

The web-based solution helped the client to dramatically operational efficiency and increase sales. The company was also able to strengthen its brand image among partners. The agriculture company was able to launch an online business without any hassle. The online marketplace enabled the client to sell products without any disruption. Inventory management became flawless. The company was also able to smoothly manage stock and product categories. The client earned an impressive ROI from the web-based solution and built a strong presence in the digital space.

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