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Analytics-Powered Dashboarding for a Top Furniture Brand’s Market Research

The Story

Our client is a reputed furniture maker, catering globally to the home-decor industry. To enable a new market entry, the company needed a dashboarding solution for consumer research. This will allow regional managers, marketers, to process historical, current, and expected data to generate sales and marketing insights pre-launch. Custom dashboards would facilitate more efficient data visualization and decision-making in the company’s furniture businesses. By teaming up with OrangeMantra, our client built an advanced dashboarding platform to drive marketing insights in India using a powerful combination of big data technology and industry expertise.

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Limited automation and scalability as well as the use of legacy technologies stalled the growth of their business expansion. As the company wanted to move to the next level by leveraging the most advanced technologies for market analysis and processing, it needed a seasoned technical partner. They chose OrangeMantra to streamline and future-proof their solution based on our proven expertise in data analytics, data engineering, and custom dashboarding solutions.


Our team of software developers and data analysts worked for hand in hand with our client’s requirements. We conducted planning sessions, to generate and discuss new ideas, and knowledge sharing. Our tech partnership resulted in a full-fledged dashboarding solution that has scaled and helped with real-time market insights. As the data analytics platform and its functional specifications regularly evolve, our client plans to expand our technical partnership by hiring more tech experts from OrangeMantra.


Intending to ensure consistent, automotive, and centralized decision-making for their business, we helped our client to build a sophisticated dashboarding platform providing real-time visibility into operations and validating data. Powered by big data and predictive analytics, this solution revealed opportunities for improving our client’s business in specific regions and increasing sales efforts.

Besides aggregating and analyzing information, our personalized dashboarding solution showcases data in the most quickly intelligible ways. Such data visualizations help sales and marketing experts on opportunities that have yet to be activated. Backed by reliable data, this set of tools also provides inventory and sales predictions used by our clients to avoid overstocks and stockouts.

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