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Strengthening a Fitness Startup’s Digital Presence with a UX-rich Solution

The Story

Our client, Strength India, offers a wide range of products for health, wellness, fitness, bodybuilding, and growth nutrition. To make their products easy to purchase and accessible all over India, they reached OrangeMantra for a digital solution to mark their presence online. Our team suggested a Shopify eCommerce website to build a customized experience while harmonizing their product data and supply chain.

Idea Valuation

Our client is already very successful with their offline store helping people stay fit and healthy. However, they were missing many consumers due to a lack of online presence. The core challenge faced by the client before the solution was the lack of a user-friendly, theme-based, and highly customized e-commerce website. Being a start-up business, they were not well-versed with the technology gimmicks as well. OrangeMantra’s team of Shopify developers understood their entire business goals and vision. After a thorough brainstorming session, our developers ensured they understand the terms and processes while filling the communication gaps.


OrangeMantra’s team of Shopify developers created a highly-scalable, next-gen, and UX-rich eCommerce platform. The goal was to make our client’s products and services available to wider audiences while boosting their business expansion. With a user-friendly, mobile-responsive online store, Strength India improved their handling of time- and location-based dietary supplement orders.


Together we came up with an eCommerce platform where Strength India can sell products online to a broader customer base throughout the country. They can now ensure that only the authentic supplements flow through the entire supply chain. After all, customer satisfaction and happiness are paramount for them. OrangeMantra’s tried-and-tested branding strategies, alongside appealing designs, propelled both online and offline sales.

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