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Advanced Astrology & Horoscope Services with Engaging Mobile Apps

Astrologers worldwide are upgrading their services with software solutions and mobile applications. Taking your astrology and/or tarot card reading services to mobile apps gives you a competitive advantage in many ways. Your clients become more engaged with an easily accessible mobile app.

Whether you are an astrologer, a numerologist, tarot card reader, or horoscope specialist, an app always gives you a competitive edge. You can easily engage existing clients and build customer loyalty. Having an app also means you can easily reach the target audience. The online presence of your astrology/numerology/Vastu services creates effective awareness among prospective clients.

At OrangeMantra, we earnestly address all your astrology app development needs. Be it an immersive design, smooth navigation, or an easy-to-use functionality, we deliver everything with equal expertise. Chose us as your app development vendor and expand your services beyond geographic boundaries.

Major Benefits of Developing an Astrology Mobile App

Digital Transformation

Digitization is the again the buzzword across industries and service domains. A mobile app lets you easily become a part of the interrupted digital space and grow swiftly.

Client Engagement

When you enable clients to interact with your astrology service via an app, they feel more connected. The ease of access and round-the-clock available makes a great tool for engagement.

Attractive Design

With the right look and feel, an astrology app can attract may new clients. Experience of tech-enabled services helps to multiply the number of clients.

Advanced Astrology

Astrology, numerology, or other such services do not have to look outdated. Mobile apps and software solutions enhance both brand image and efficiency of services.

Monetize App Features

The mobile gives you a platform to offer a diverse range of astrology, numerology, or horoscope services. You can create a free and premium version with different features.

Cost-Effective Expansion

Mobile apps are great tools for expanding your service and business into a world of millions of smartphone users. Use the app to reach out to new clientele and grow your clientele.

Top Features of Astrology & Horoscope Apps

Daily horoscope services

Interact with your clients on a daily basis by providing them with daily horoscope services.

Vedic Astrology

Kundli calculations and software-based analysis for your clients.

Western astrology

Offer transit and reports using Western astrology techniques enabled by the app.

Digital horoscope reports

Dispatch periodic horoscope reports in PDF and other formats according to the client’s convenience.

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your App Development Partner

Award-Winning Development Team
We have a team of developers that has won multiple awards and accolades for their expertise. They what features and functionalities are best for your astrology app.
Industry Experience
OrangeMantra has been in the software development business for more than two decades now. Having used all major advanced development technologies, we’re poised to deliver the best.
Domain Expertise
Our clientele spread across countries and industries. From retail to automotive to entertainment, we work with leading names across industries. Our domain expertise is vast and diverse.
Creative Designers
Our web and mobile and app developers are known for their highly creative approach to design. From immersive UI to seamless navigation, they’re masterful at everything.
Quality Assurance
We strictly adhere to all software and mobile development best practices and quality standards. A team of meticulous quality analysts thoroughly tests every single solution before delivery.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Cutting-edge technologyWe are always equipped with the most advanced breed of software and mobile app development technology. From creating an engaging app interface to marketing an app, we use the best tools and technologies.

Want to develop astrology/horoscope/Vastu apps?

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile app development usually requires a programming language such as Java, a software development kit, SQL, and testing tools, etc. However, if you’re a business owner, the best way to build an app is to hire mobile app developers or choose an app development company like OrangeMantra.
The costs of developing an astrology or horoscope app vary widely, depending on your requirements. If you need a simple app with basic features, costs are comparatively lower. OrangeMantra offers app development services at a competitive price.
There is no predefined development time for chatbots. It depends on what kind of chatbot you want to build. Bots with comparatively less training data take less time. Chatbots with higher volumes of training data takes more time. OrangeMantra has a track record of building chatbots within a shorter turnaround time.There is no predefined development time for developing mobile apps. It depends on what kind of app you want. Astrology/horoscope apps with basic features usually take less time. OrangeMantra has a track record of developing apps within a record time (within days rather than weeks!).
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