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Increase Ticket Sales with Event Ticket Booking Software

OrangeMantra offers premium event ticketing software development solutions worldwide. Consult our developers to discuss how development services meet event management challenges. Our booking solutions empowers event organizers worldwide to engage right target audience.

We have a team of experienced developers that builds such personalized solutions at affordable rates. Our event ticketing software simplifies the ticket sales and event promotion effortlessly to boost the revenues. We, as an active event & ticketing software app developer, specializes in our solutions with customer expectations.

Our Wide Range of Ticket Booking Solutions

Interactive Ticketing Solutions
Our team of developers design Interactive Ticketing Solutions that integrate seat selection preferences, floor plan visibility, and venue simulator. We also developed attendee self-registration portals including kiosk integration for improved user interaction.
Blockchain in Ticketing
Fraud and inflated prices are major issues in ticketing. Blockchain technology helps to stop both issues. You control and manage every ticket sold for an event to find resellers. The solution manages your events and ticketing ultimately reducing costs.
Payment Gateway Integrations
We integrate different payment gateway systems with your Event Ticketing Booking Software, including PayPal, Stripe, WePay, and Braintree. It even enables you to accept digital payments and create a flawless checkout experience.
Ticket Analytics Software
We customize your Event Ticketing Software to offer real-time reporting and dashboards, performance monitoring, conversions tracking, attendee data, social engagement analytics, transaction trends, marketing campaigns, and more.

Our Different Engagement Models

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team can help extend resources and can work dedicatedly with your company under your guidance or ours. This model is perfect when planning long-term or larger scope projects, include pool of tasks, or don’t have a clear vision of future project objectives.


Fixed cost pricing is perfect for ticketing projects with a strictly defined scope that won’t change. If the scope is undefined, we can also work with you to build high-level specs. Once agreed, we send a proposal that provides a time, costs, team structure, and deliverables.

Time & Materials

This model works for prototypes, when a client, don’t have a properly defined scope. The client pays for work completed, depending on benchmarks. So, they play a big role in the development of software solutions. The client is assigned a team and is billed for actual time accrued.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We, at OrangeMantra, holds a team of experienced developers that proffers the best services:
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Event ticket booking solution development cost depends on several factors which we will only be able to quote after we have understood your business requirement.
Yes, we sign a strict NDA to secure your software idea & data. Thus, we guarantee complete security and privacy of your project development.
We are your end-to-end solution partner and provide complete Qualitative Analysis, continuous support and maintenance services 24/7 during and after the deployment.
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