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Mobile apps have undoubtedly become the mainstay of businesses as they connect them with customers and assure experiences that drive conversions. Creation of user-friendly mobile apps is, therefore, crucial to the success of your business. At the same time, these apps should be flawless so that they have the potential to retain the users and deliver top class user experiences as well. Mobile testing is, thus, essential for both enterprise apps and consumer facing apps to ensure that they are fully-functional, device-compatible, and excel in terms of performance as well. Mobile testing has a range of benefits such as:

  • Guarantees better quality, functionality, and performance
  • Helps detect and resolve bugs and other flaws in the app
  • Increases the coverage of he mobile app
  • Saves both time and money for your business
  • Offers repeatability and eliminates risks of poor UX

Mobile Testing Services We Offer


Mobile Functional Testing

However feature-rich and attractive an app may be, users will not stay with it if it crashes often or fails to work as expected. As a part of functional testing, our team will make sure that your app, including its backend functionality, works flawlessly and meets the users’ expectations.


Mobile Usability Testing

We assure that your app has a user-friendly UI, while validating the key functions of the app and ensuring an engaging UX as well. As a part of mobile UX testing, our team performs usability testing to make sure that the product is easy-to-use for the target audience


Mobile Performance Testing

Performance is a challenge for mobile apps as they may encounter weak signal, excess load, interference from other devices, etc. Our identify bugs related to load, stress, scalability or reliability bugs that may hamper the performance of your app.


Mobile Compatibility Testing

Our testing approach covers your app on the compatibility front as well, ensuring that they work seamlessly on the target devices and the respective browsers and operation systems as well. We guarantee that your app delivers an impeccable UX regardless of device, browser, and OS.


Mobile Security Testing

We ensure mobile security by performing penetration testing that simulates a hacking attack as a part of the test. With ethical hacking, our security testing team identifies security loopholes of the app and also provides relevant recommendations for patching them.


Mobile Test Automation

Beyond manual mobile testing, we provide automation as well. As a part of this service we apply a data-driven and keyword-driven approach to test automation for performance, functional, and regression testing. We provide automation for backend testing as well.

The Key Differentiators

What Makes Us Stand Apart As A Mobile Testing Partner

  • Mobile testing solutions for clients across all industry verticals
  • A comprehensive testing strategy for optimized mobile testing
  • A variety of tools and solutions for accelerating the testing
  • Fully-equipped mobile test lab and a team of seasoned testers
  • Testing apps across a diversity of OS, devices, and global operators
  • Experience with industry-leading tools for mobile app testing

OrangeMantra Mobile Testing Advantage

End user experience
Our mobile testing services are aimed to ensure the most amazing end-user experience with the app. This is important because only a superlative UX can make your app stand apart and win in the competitive landscape.
Testing with real devices
We test on real Android and iOS devices to determine whether the app integrates seamlessly with each device OS. We also provide a device management system for on-premises access to global devices, managing access policy, and device reservation.
As our testing services are fully focused on app usability, we look after the needs of novices and expert users. The usability parameters we test include features, default settings, speed, extended capabilities, and number of keystrokes per action.
Tools expertise
OrangeMantra’s team has extensive tool expertise and agnosticism which enables us to provide the best tools for your needs. We make sure that even the minutest flaws in your mobile app are identified so that they can be addressed at the earliest.

Looking to elevate the user experiences for your enterprise or consumer-facing mobile app? We can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile testing is a process of testing an application which is specifically developed for handheld mobile devices. It involves testing for usability, functionality, and consistency. Mobile testing may be either manual or automated type of testing.
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