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Social Media App Development

Social media applications to build online communities, interest groups, private social networks, etc. Advance your organizational or community goals with cutting-edge social networking features.

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Social Network Development for Your Growing Community  

Social media is changing the way businesses interact with customers and organizations advance their mission. With the steadily growing popularity of various social media platforms, organizations are increasingly building their own social media communities. Social networking platforms enable you to build a close-knit community around a brand or a shared interest.

Businesses today use social media applications not just to make their online presence but to effectively engage with customers. An astronomical rise in the popularity of social media has prompted such trends. While you have numerous social networking services available in the market, choosing the right one could be perplexing.

OrangeMantra helps businesses and organizations to create social media solutions that perfectly suit their needs. Be it a private online community, an online interest group, an open social media platform, we are well-equipped to address your needs.

Key Features of Our Social Media Solutions

Immersive User Interface  

Attractive design and seamless navigation create a highly engaging user experience. We create user-oriented designs that prompt users to keep coming back to the platform.

Content Management & SEO

We incorporate content management capabilities that help you to boost brand awareness. In-built SEO capabilities ensure higher visibility of your social community.

Personalized User Profile

All our social networking websites and apps feature a custom user profile. The feature enables users to create attractive profiles by filling information required by the business/organization.

Social media app development

Instant Messaging

Live chatting features allows user to communicate with each other. It also encourages communication between a brand and its customers by creating an engaging communication channel.

Social media marketing

You can easily choose the design, content, and features of the social media app that reflect your brand image. A carefully designed social media app helps you greatly in strengthening the brand image of your business.

Data Analytics Dashboards

Get insights into the social media activities of your businesses. Advanced analytics dashboards offer you easily understandable data and graphics about your social media platform.

Why Choose OrangeMantra for Your Social Media App Development

With unmatched domain expertise and state-of-the-art development centers, we are the right tech partner for your social media project.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in software design, development, and testing. Having built social media platforms for more than a decade now, we know what suits you best.

Globally-renowned UX Design

Cutting-edge technology

We’re always at the forefront when it comes to deploying advanced software development technologies. Being a tech enthusiast team, we are always ready to deploy emerging technologies and out-of-the-box ideas.

App store optimization & marketing

App store optimization & marketing

We have dedicated teams to optimize the app for app stores and market it effectively. We ensure that your social media app reaches the right audience and gets you the desired ROI.

Enabling ownership & control

Enabling ownership & control

We make sure that you have full control over the social media application without any hassle. The apps are designed in a way that enables you to manage content and functionalities.

Reliable technical support

Reliable technical support

We have a dedicated customer support team that promptly responds to all your queries. With us, you don’t have to worry at all about technical challenges and troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

A social media website or app enables you to interact with customers in a personalized way. Businesses can create and share content through online communities. Social media communities are great tools for customer engagement and marketing.
Private social networks are online platforms where members can connect, collaborate, and share information. The online social forum can be managed by a business, an organization, or a group. A private social media community gives businesses more value from the platform than a public social media site.
The development cost for a social media app depends on what kind of solution you need. Costs are lower for apps with basic features. If you need a highly customized social media app with advanced features, the cost will be different. OrangeMantra offers competitive pricing for every kind of social media application.

Need to develop a customized social media app for your business?