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Patient Engagement Solutions

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Patient engagement challenges

Growing your healthcare business is all about engaging your patients with outstanding experiences. However, there are many challenges that stand in the way. Are you facing any of these?

  • Insufficient and manual process workflow that hinders a seamless and comprehensive patient experience in care delivery
  • Inability to reach to and connect with individual patients to drive satisfaction that comes only with personalized care plans
  • Absence of seamless communication between the patients and providers due to dependence on traditional communication channels
  • Security risks involved in the exchange of information and transactions due to lack of workflow optimization
  • Cluttered and ambiguous data visualization, which is devoid of graphical representations of healthcare data

Our Patient Engagement Solutions

We deliver effortless patient engagement solutions that maximize healthcare efficiency and patient satisfaction, right from onboarding to discharge after successful treatment.

Web-based patient portals
Web-based patient portals

Empower your patients with a customized online patient portal that serves as an integrated communication framework. From personal health records to health risk assessment, wellness management, and telehealth, these portals are capable of handling diverse aspects of clinical care. We offer solutions that allow patients to connect and engage securely with your practice, request for appointments, access their health records, and pay bills online.

Healthcare digital engagement solutions

With the boom in internet technologies, it is vital for healthcare businesses to have a robust online presence and be visible as well. We provide extensive digital engagement solutions, from website design and development, to creation of online communities, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid ads, and more. The aim is to get your website higher in search results and make it easier for the patients to find you online.

Healthcare digital engagement solutions
Wearable patient engagement solutions
Wearable patient engagement solutions

Take patient engagement to the next level with wearable solutions that are tailored to match your unique needs and customer expectations while maintaining safety, quality, and accessibility. We leverage innovative technology to build advanced IoT devices that enable flexible and efficient monitoring, collect data, and improve adherence to treatment plans for driving better patient outcomes with patient-centric healthcare.

mHealth patient engagement solutions

Be connected and available on-the-go with custom mobile app solutions that are capable of engaging the patients and leveraging the caregiver’s potential to provide the best services along with value-based care. We create apps that simplify communication and collaboration between patients and providers by offering personalized patient- provider interfaces that are tailored to individual needs.

mHealth patient engagement solutions
Patient Cohort Management
Patient Cohort Management

Our advanced patient cohort management solutions are designed to stratify patients on the basis of characteristics such as condition and risk factor. These solutions empower healthcare organizations with population analytics to enhance the quality outcomes and manage patient outreach efforts. With the patient-centered cohort analysis, it becomes possible to prioritize the patient needs and provide clear direction for focused care management.

Adherence Support Tools

Patient engagement goes beyond just staying connected and giving the best possible levels of value-driven care. It also encompasses ensuring adherence to treatment for effective outcomes. Our mobile adherence support tools empower practitioners to access individual treatment plans and monitor patient adherence from anywhere. They also encourage adherence for the patients and issue alerts in the event of non-compliance.

Adherence Support Tools

Why Embrace Patient Engagement Solutions

Improved care and patient satisfaction

Improved care and patient

The integrated patient connectivity capabilities our patient engagement solutions helps you always stay connected with your patients and optimize your care delivery and enhance their satisfaction levels.

Seamless patient communications

Seamless patient

Bridge the communication challenges with features like secure messaging, online patient intake, automated appointment reminders, patient surveys, re-care reminders, and friendly online scheduling options.

Swift practice growth

Swift practice

Consolidate the online presence of your brand and connect with the target group of patients. We make it easier for the potential patients to find your practice, choose you among the other options, and keep coming back as well.

Let us help you improve your patient engagement with solutions you can trust.