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AR App for a top residential and commercial real estate company

AR App for a top residential and commercial real estate company

Developing 3D renderings of property (flats/villas/commercial establishments) to viewed through an augmented reality app


The client, a leading name in the residential and commercial real estate domain, was looking for innovative ways to connect with the potential buyers and showcase the properties in an immersive way. The objective was to present complete and under-construction properties in a way that the buyers could actually experience what they would look like once ready to move in so that they could make a purchase decision with confidence and surety. Additionally, the virtual view of the property was also meant to increase the chances of sale, reduce the average time of closure and ensure optimal pricing of the property as well.

AR App for a top residential and commercial real estate company
The Challenge

As with the majority of real estate companies, the client’s main challenge was slow turnover; basically, they were unable to sell properties quickly and effectively.

  • The website did not cater features that matched the user expectations, leading to poor engagement and unsatisfactory statistics.
  • There was a need for a mobile experience for the prospective buyers so that they could be shown properties on the go.
  • The biggest reason of deals not getting closed was that buyers were not sure about the incomplete properties and needed to visualize them before taking a decision.
Our Approach

Before initiating the project, OrangeMantra’s team met the client’s team to understand their requirements and the expectations of the potential buyers. Once we had a complete overview of the project, we started working on an app that was capable of covering a range of mobile platforms and devices, in addition to delivering immersive AR-based experiences. We made sure that the app had rich and multiple features to engage the users and have significant impact on their buying decision and deal closure.

The Solution

Basically, we created a mobility solution that displayed the future offices and apartments to the potential buyers before they were bought and even built.

  • The app user can visit a site and use the device camera and point the device towards the property or a part they are interested in.
  • They can choose any part of the interior, color, texture, and furniture pieces to see how the place would look like after completion.
  • They can even improve or change features or add details to the VR visualizations to ensure that the output is close to their expectations.
  • The app also offers an in-app purchase functionality, which displays detailed information such as land value, floor area, building age, and title details.

The AR-based real estate app brought a range of benefits for the business in terms of sales and revenues, while building a long-term relationship with the buyers was also a crucial one.

  • A quick digital walkthrough of the available properties for the buyers, which vastly reduced the time-to-decision.
  • Immersive visual experience for that engaged the buyers, resulting in huge virality for the app and word of mouth benefit for the business.
  • Faster conversions for the business along with better value for the properties on offer.
  • A reputation for convenient and innovative user experiences.
  • 30% growth of sales
  • 40% decrease in average time taken for closure of sales
  • Increase in customers’ satisfaction
  • Time savings for the buyers and employees of the company