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Fewer repeat customers?
Know what you may be doing wrong!!

Generating new customers is one of the biggest challenges faced by e-commerce retailers. Considering the extensive competition and the ever-changing audience expectations, it can be a struggle. I’m sure you must be optimizing your pages for search engines, spending on Google Adwords, retargeting customers, sending out targeted emails, and socializing on social networks, but are you still not getting enough repeat customers?

Well, this means that you are in a big fix and need to do something aggressive to set things right. To start with, you need to identify the mistakes that might be driving repeat customers away from your site. Here are a few surprising things that you may be doing wrong.


Mistake #1
Not running a loyalty program

If you are not incentivizing your loyal customers with a loyalty program, don’t expect them to be back because your competitors will probably have one for them. Creating a loyalty program can be as easy as rewarding customers who come back for a second purchase or after a set dollar figure.


Mistake #2
There’s nothing different about you

The options for online buyers are humongous and getting them back to shop subsequently after the first buy is all about offering something unique. And by unique, I don’t just mean the products or services, but also the user experience that you offer to your customers.

building relationship

Mistake #3
You are not focused on building relationships

A blunder that e-commerce merchants often make is being too salesy and not focusing on building-long term relationships with the customers. Post-sale services are the key to fostering loyalty and getting the buyers back for repeat purchases. What more, loyal customers will bring more of them through referrals.


Mistake #4
You don’t keep in touch

Once a customer shops, they need to be motivated to come back. Of course, they will come back if they like your offerings but you can keep nudging them subtly to give them more reasons for repeat shopping. Not being in touch can cost you because not everyone is proactive enough and needs good reasons to be back. A periodic email or notification announcing new product launch or deal will do the trick.


Mistake #5
Not having a customer-friendly return policy

Shoppers not only want the best products but also the best experiences as well. The return policy on your e-commerce store comes ahead as a critical element. If yours is not clear or does not work in the buyer’s favor, don’t expect them to buy from you again. Ensure that a detailed policy is visible on the store and offers sufficient time for return or exchange if the customer needs to.


Mistake #6
Not ensuring rapid fulfillment

Since online buyers are an impatient lot that wants instant gratification, you cannot go slack with order fulfillment at any cost. Receiving goods quickly when they order will motivate them to come back. Also, make sure that they get the right goods delivered and the packaging is awesome as well.

complicated shopping carts

Mistake #7
Having complicated shopping carts

A complicated shopping cart with too many fields to be filled during checkout is an absolute deal breaker when it comes to customer experience. Chances are that users will abandon their carts, never to come back again on your site. Eliminate as many steps as you can from your shopping cart process and remove any unnecessary fields. Avoid surprising them with any unexpected fees as well.


Mistake #8
Not prioritizing responsiveness in design

Since a majority of online buyers prefer to access e-commerce stores via mobile, don’t expect them to stick with you if you fail to deliver a great mobile experience. Therefore, you cannot afford to run a web store that is not responsive in design. Ensure that it renders seamlessly irrespective of the device that shoppers use to browse through it. The loading speed should be optimal while all the design elements should be mobile-friendly.

Excessive offers

Mistake #9
Excessive offers and popups

Surprisingly, bombarding your potential customers with too many offers and popups can do more harm than good. Overdoing things can irritate them to an extent that they may not be back for repeat shopping. Also, remember that the online shoppers are smarter than ever today and they can see through hoax if you do plan to entice them with offers and deals that look attractive but are not genuine enough.

Excessive offers

Mistake #10
Under pricing or overpricing the products

With the unlimited buying options they have, online shoppers are bound to make comparisons of products and prices. Obviously, if your products are under priced or overpriced vis-à-vis others, they will doubt your credibility. Under pricing may be related with quality issues while overpricing is a good reason for shopping elsewhere. Both ways, there are chances of the customers leaving and never coming back again.

Excessive offers

Mistake #11
Not showcasing your products properly

When people buy online, they cannot experience the products physically and have to decide only on the basis of what they see. Not showcasing your products properly, therefore, can land you in major trouble. In this context, it is important to have clear, high-quality visuals of the products along with well-articulated product descriptions. Product videos and buyer reviews can take things a notch higher.

Excessive offers

Mistake #12
Showing Out Of Stock items frequently

Frequent Out Of Stock experiences can be another reason why your store is not getting enough repeat customers. It can cause frustration and have a negative impact on customer loyalty in the long run, leading to customers looking for better alternatives. The best way to avoid this situation is using a setting change that eliminates showing the unavailable items on the store.

Excessive offers

Mistake #13
Not providing sufficient social proof

Customers prefer to trust humans more than they trust brands. Not having enough social proof on your website can drive the potential buyers away and also bring a fall in the number of repeat customers to your website. Encourage happy customers to share positive reviews on your website and also showcase ones that they share on social media.

Excessive offers

Mistake #14
Not giving dependable customer services

You may be offering the best products at best prices but do not expect customers to come back if you fail to excel on the customer service front. Being available 24 by 7 to address their queries and concerns at the earliest is the key. Ensure that you are always there for your buyers, whether through a human customer service team or a chatbot.

Excessive offers

Mistake #15
Not having a consistent brand message

A consistent brand message across all selling channels breeds customer trust and loyalty. Smart buyers are likely to browse through various channels before they establish a lasting connection with your store. If they find inconsistent messaging across them, there are chances that they may not trust you as an authentic seller and come back to your site to shop again.

Now that you know the mistakes that are to be avoided to get repeat customers back, achieving your sales targets will be much easier!