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A Comprehensive Guide to How Customer Onboarding Software Work

Posted By : Vaibhav
customer onboarding software

Convert your site visitors into customers using the virtues of customer onboarding software for the enterprise. Let customers be well-acquainted with your products/services, experience optimum value, and make their experience as smooth as possible.  

Customers are vital components of any business. Customers remain the central factors on which the overall success/failure of a company depends. The way enterprise handles customers paves the way for profit or loss-making organizations in the time ahead. Therefore, a successful customer onboarding process must be a focal point of consideration for every company. 

The way you treat and handle visitors at the first point of contact decides whether they will convert into customers or not. For a profitable customer journey, a strategic onboarding process is necessary to follow to witness success ahead.  

To achieve such objectives, get a feature-rich customer onboarding software solution, better referred to as a customer learning platform. Such software solutions help to smoothen the path of the customer journey in the right way, automating the process. 

In this blog, we will discuss customer onboarding software, its features, and its key benefits. But before getting started, let’s have a quick view of customer onboarding to broaden your understanding. 

What is Customer Onboarding? 

Customer onboarding is a smooth transition for visitors getting acquainted with your products/services. It’s about making the initial introduction to your enterprise smoothly and productively to create a lasting impression. The process involves diverse activities to guide new customers to get started and engage with your brand. Moreover, it covers a strategic line of steps, all the way from sign-up with your organization to the product/service used to create maximum value.  

The ultimate goal of customer onboarding is to allow customers back to your organization for another purchase. It is all about showcasing your brand in a positive light, meeting requirements, reaching through the right channel, and serving them at the right time. 

In short, customer onboarding means creating an experience for new customers to understand your brand’s offering and rely on the same.  

When Does Customer Onboarding Begin? 

If you think that customer onboarding begins when a visitor starts connecting with your brand, you are half mistaken. The first encounter with an enterprise is a part of the customer onboarding process. It begins when the sale is done, and the customer contacts the brand. It also means that the customer could come again for the next purchase.  

Selling the product/service of a company is only halfway through the boarding process. You need to achieve more by creating a seamless and unforgettable shopping experience for customers. And mainly allow them to come again for your brand and possess the retention advantage.  

Thus, the key point of a successful beginning of customer onboarding refers to creating an experience and providing maximum value. 

Why is Customer Onboarding Important? 

A business cannot survive without customers. And customers want to rely on particular brands for futuristic purchases. Thus, strategic customer onboarding is critical for enterprises to create value for customers. It is all about making customers feel valued and privileged to connect with your brand. 

On the other side, successful onboarding nurtures customer relationships and increases customer lifetime value (LTV).  

Even if that’s not enough for you to understand the importance of customer onboarding, look at the following points. 

Engage Customers 

Satisfied customers will be happy to purchase from you again and will come to your brand. With a seamless onboarding experience, you create value for customers and increase their loyalty towards the brand. Moreover, you create a line of customers and retain the existing ones with a single best process. 

Increase Conversions 

If you offer something free or at a discounted price, customers find real value in your products. Most likely, you will see an increased rate of conversions and generate more revenue. 

Enhance Revenue 

It is best to say that acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining the existing ones. A seamless customer onboarding process for existing customers helps to increase the revenue stream of the organization. 

Increase Upsell & Cross-sells 

A strategic customer onboarding process mainly uses software that helps you understand what features customers like the most and what not. Accordingly, you can strategize your product offering those customers are most interested in to make a final purchase in no time. Thus, it makes it convenient for enterprises to do strategic upsell and cross-sell to customers in a hassle-free manner.  

What is Customer Onboarding Software? 

A Customer Onboarding Software is a feature-rich solution for customers to learn the different facets of an enterprise’s products. It consists of various sets of tools shaping the customer journey from the initial stage, making a purchase, to post-purchase assistance. The software helps to provide different learnings about the enterprise and its products and services at varying levels of interaction.  

Some of the onboarding and engaging virtues of the software include: 

  • Series of email onboarding for new and existing customers. 
  • In-app training, step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, tooltips, and other learnings. 
  • Self-service product or service information.

Top Features of Customer Onboarding Software 

  1. Live Demos: The learning tab is a key feature for the customer onboarding process. Undoubtedly, customers want to know how to use your product/service appropriately. So, it gives you a chance to highlight live exercises and a step-by-step process for customers to learn quickly and derive maximum value. For this, you can embed demo videos and learning flow in the platform and allow customers to learn seamlessly. 
  1. Analytics: It is a central element of the software for the enterprise to collect data and make data-driven decisions. Get actionable insights regarding user behavior by referring to the detailed set of data. Know about where customers made the mistakes, focal point of difficulties, time-consuming tasks, and more. 
  1. Feedback Option: Another feature to encounter in your customer onboarding software is the feedback option. With this, you can prompt the customers to provide valuable feedback to understand more about their experience. The feature further helps to send regular NPS surveys to gather more insights. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Customer onboarding is one of the important components that can make or break the business image. Feature-rich onboarding software helps to automate the process to understand the requirements of new visitors and retain the existing ones. Moreover, the software helps customers build utmost faith in your organization with the seamless navigational flow and satisfying product buying experience. 

You could talk to our experts to learn more about end-to-end customer onboarding software solutions. At OrangeMantra, we build and implement personalized onboarding software for enterprises.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. What is the Important Practice of Customer Onboarding?

A strategic customer onboarding allows customers to start on a positive journey with the company, get acquainted with products, and experience a convenient customer experience. It is a whole process of converting new visitors into customers. Also, it helps to retain the existing list of customers to increase enterprise revenue. 

  1. What is the Use of Customer Onboarding Software?

The customer onboarding software helps customers to learn more about the products and services of a company. It derives maximum value to generate substantial brand trust and create futuristic buying opportunities as well. Moreover, the software welcomes each customer differently as per the diverse requirements. 

  1. How Much Cost is Involved in Customer Onboarding Software Development? 

There is no such predefined cost for developing a customer onboarding software. Since every enterprise has a different business reach and requirements, the cost is decided based on needs & preferences. Here, we offer you a cost-effective customer onboarding software solution with the aid of certified experts.