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How AI Is Capable Of Enhancing The Efficiency Of Your Sales Team

How AI Is Capable Of Enhancing The Efficiency Of Your Sales Team

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful and innovative technologies that are making it big on the business landscape. The popularity of intelligent customer-facing interfaces such as Siri, Alexa, or the Google Assistant is enough to emphasize the impact of AI. These interfaces are capable of performing tasks on the basis of voice commands, all thanks to the fact that they are intelligent enough to comprehend human speech and language.

But the impact of AI-assistants extends beyond customer interactions as it is being widely embraced for improving business processes as well. For example, software testing is geared for AI revolution, which means that enterprises have the opportunity to be empowered with flawless applications. Further, businesses are investing in this powerful technology to bring about greater efficiencies in the sales process as well. Here is how Artificial Intelligence solutions are capable of transforming the way your sales team works and drives revenues for your business.

Effective pre-sales strategy
AI-driven sales platforms helps the sales professionals to identify genuine selling opportunities and strategize accordingly achieving success. Furthermore, it can improve outcomes for the team by predicting and recommending the best possible means to close the deals and optimize the sales campaigns. As a part of the selling strategy, sales reps need to spend some time to research the targeted lead before they call them. AI-powered tools are capable of accessing external data that can be of great help to the sales staff for bringing reliability in pre-call research. This limits the wastage of time in researching the prospects, which means that the team can invest it elsewhere.

Efficiency through automation
Businesses are relying on AI to bring about process automation in various operations including sales. For example, they are investing in Custom Salesforce Development for integrating the CRM with this technology with the objective of sales automation. The customized solution enables customer data to be captured automatically as soon as it is created, thus freeing the sales staff from the repetitive task of populating the CRM system with the new data. Manual note-taking is reduced to the minimum as the task gets automated. Additionally, AI-powered sales dialers improve the engagement rates as well as the productivity of reps, which translates into better conversations and more sales.

Better close rates
The use of AI in sales can bring a significant improvement in the lead close rates. By analyzing a wide array of data points and past customer behavior, AI can answer challenging behavioral questions such as whether customers would prefer to be approached via emails or phone calls, what would be the best day and time to reach them, and more. The innovative AI technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning go a long way in giving reliable customer behavior insights and predictions that can help the sales reps to personalize their pitch for conclusive results.

Upselling and cross-selling
The best tactic for businesses to boost sales and grow their top-line revenue is by selling more to the existing client base rather than pitching new customers. However, convincing them to buy more is easier said than done. Leveraging the intelligence of AI is a smart move as it enables you to shortlist the existing customers who are more likely to buy and targeting them with upselling and reselling strategies. As a cumulative effect, the business can bring an increase in the sales without incurring additional marketing costs.

Managing team performance
Another reason that more and more businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence services for sharpening up their sales tactics is that it eases the management of team performance. Right from prediction of the number of leads for the upcoming quarter to assessment of individual revenue pipelines of the sales reps, AI algorithms simplify the aspects of performance management for the sales managers. They can leverage intelligent dashboards to see which of the sales reps are likely to match their targets and the specific deals that have good chances of being closed in the future.

CRM systems such as Salesforce have become an essential sales tool for mid- and large-sized businesses. However, integrating them with AI can actually improve your sales process manifold as such a system serves extensive benefits, right from alerting the team about customer actions that indicate purchase intent to automating the sales process, providing insights into the customer behavior, and more. In fact, Salesforce has recently added the AI technology to bring a human touch into the customer service function.

If you are looking to integrate Salesforce with CRM, you will require partnering with a provider that offers Salesforce customization services. Orangemantra is a name that you can trust for the same. We have a team that brings expertise in a range of technologies including Salesforce integration and customization and Artificial Intelligence. Share your requirements with us and open the opportunity for an empowering technology solution to take your business to the next level.