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Why Choose AngularJS for Mobile App Development

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AngularJS is one of the trendiest open-source front-end development frameworks. Developed by Google, initially, the platform focused on single-page applications. But with further advancements, front-end developers chose this framework for its improved features for web app development and Angular JS for mobile app development processes.

Online businesses are highly affected by the performance of mobile technologies. The integration of multiple languages has now become seamless server-side rendering. Moreover, web content can run scripts in the background.

Some of the highlights of Angular JS development include:

  • The AngularJS framework makes mobile applications highly effective to improve the load time and performance rate
  • It helps improve the stability with non-breaking features of API
  • The primary goal of AngularJS is to make unbreakable hacks that assure the high security of distinct business domains.

There are many such enrichment involved with AngularJS. And its next-gen capabilities made it the most-sought framework for mobile application development.

Why Angular JS for Mobile App Development 

AngularJS is defined as a new interactive mobile app development software launched in 2010. In no time, it gained popularity among the front-end developer’s community. Developers use this framework due to its feature-rich abilities like its high flexibility and JavaScript-based MVC architecture. Additionally, this framework is open-source and helps create interactive pages.

If you are still wondering whether to choose AngularJS for mobile app development, here are the key features of AngularJS that makes it the best choice for mobile app development:

Ease of use 

As mentioned earlier, AngularJS doesn’t require any extensive advanced-level skills to start with. Developers can easily learn it and implement the tools to create a feature-rich, industry’s best mobile app. However, if you are not willing to sign up for advanced-level training, you can hire mobile developers from Orange Mantra. Our team can help build mobile apps using the AngularJS inbuilt libraries and their advanced expertise.

Reusability of the codes 

Codes used in AngularJS for one app can be used in many other mobile app development processes. The reusability of codes is one of the most unique features of AngularJS and one of the biggest reasons why developers choose this framework for both Android and iOS app development processes. The codes written in AngularJS are very flexible and can get implemented anywhere as per requirement during your mobile application development processes.

However, the only way you can use these principles of AngularJS in any other software is to develop your mobile app most efficiently. Also, you can use this framework to give an interactive touch to the codes to make your app’s user interface world-class.

Less code and declarative features 

AngularJS requires fewer codes to accomplish the mobile app development phases. Therefore, it is amongst the most sought software used for mobile apps. There are numerous libraries in AngularJS that developers can use as declarative code for any app development process. So, developers prefer to have this software in their system to seek the help of various libraries while developing a highly-efficient application. If you are a mobile app developer, it is advisable to choose AngularJS for a stress-free coding experience.

MVVM and MVC architecture 

Both MVVM and MVC are different architectures for mobile app development processes. Using this software, developers can integrate advanced features into your app. If you choose a mobile app development company in India, check their portfolio and expertise.

We can use both the architecture as per your business demands and requirements. Developers also choose this medium to create a robust, efficient, secure, and feature-rich app. You could achieve the desired level of flawlessness. Just hire AngularJS developers with the right set of skills.

Community Support 

AngularJS is an open-source platform, which means it can get used by anyone. Also, extensive customer support is offered to this platform for anyone in trouble navigating it to create an app. So, if you long for a 24×7 customer support base while using software for your mobile application development process, then AngularJS is your go-to solution. In case of any queries, you can connect with the AngularJS community, and they will promptly resolve your queries.

Data Binding 

If an application developer wants to develop an efficient app, data binding is one of the most crucial factors for them. Binding the data in two ways helps create a robust mobile app. Technologies often get evolved regularly, therefore one needs to keep track of them. Data binding is very crucial when you want to introduce new features in an app. To do so, you will need an inbuilt library of AngularJS. Understanding these features will ease your AngularJS and NodeJS development.

High-performance ranking 

Developers worldwide prefer AngularJS for its efficiency and next-gen features. If you are new to mobile app development and unaware of the software, coding, and plugins, AngularJS is a good option, to begin with. Before building your app on AngularJS, ensure you follow the tutorial of operating AngularJS properly.


AngularJS gives you a diverse array of advanced features. And that’s just one of the many reasons business owners and leaders like you choose AngularJS for mobile app development processes. If you have any further queries related to these software and app development services, we are just a phone call away. You could quickly hire mobile app developers from us to create unmatched user experiences.


Can I review the code during the development process? 

To protect the rights, we do not provide source code before payment completion. However, we can give you an image of 1-2 coding chunks to keep you aware of the processes.

Do you build apps for both iOS and Android? 

Yes. We support app development for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Connect with our experts for more queries.

Do you support web applications too? 

Yes. Every mobile app that we build needs a web-based application in the back-end to drive the entire process. When you log in to an app, there is a web server in the background, serving the app with data and ensuring whether you have permission to log in or not.

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