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10 Java Features That Make It Stand Apart


Java is one of the most widely used computer languages across the globe and it has held a distinctive position for years now. In fact, it has capitalised on its popularity as well as has strengthened its market position over the years. The entire credit goes to the Java community as the developers have been consistently working on making improvements in the language. The versatility of the language is another reason that it becomes a favoured one as it can be extensively used for developing different kinds of desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications, enterprise applications, embedded systems, and even robotics and games. No wonder that java application development services are in such high demand. At the same time, there is a great hype about Java that makes people curious to know more about it. Let’s explore some features that makes this language stand apart:

(1) Simplicity: Simplicity as a feature sounds too trivial to mention but this is something that absolutely enhances its value manifold. The syntax is clean and simple, that makes it easy to understand and learn. Java developers in India and abroad appreciate it for leaving out or re-implementing the confusing concepts of C++.

(2) Object-oriented Model: Java is an object-oriented language as it treats everything as Object. Any function in the language is to be written in classes as program creation is not possible without class.

(3) Platform Independence: Java is a platform-independent language which follows a write-once, run-anywhere model. The program is compiled into bytecode, a format that can run on any machine and also offers strong security.

(4) Robust Nature: Another feature that deserves a special mention is its robust nature. It emphasizes on the elimination of error-prone codes. Moreover, it has greatly improved on Memory Management. Exception Handling and Garbage Collector are the features that have added to the robustness of the language.

(5) Multi-threading: With the multi-threading feature, Java enables the writing of such programs that are capable of doing multiple tasks simultaneously. It utilizes the same memory and resources for the execution of multiple threads at the same time.

(6) Strong Security: Java scores the bull’s eye when it comes to security. It enables the creation of tamper-free application. Moreover, a program created in this language runs in Java runtime environment without any interaction with the system OS, which makes it super-secure.

(7) High Performance: Another feature that makes Java absolutely outstanding is its high performance, which is attributed to the use of just-in-time compiler. This is despite the fact that it is an interpreted language rather than a compiled language.

(8) Portability: As it is already said before, the language is platform-independent. The same feature enhances it in terms of portability as it makes possible for the bytecode to be carried to any platform.

(9) Architectural Neutral: An architectural neutral language is capable of running in any available processor. Java comes with this feature as the compiler generates bytecodes that are not affected by any particular architecture.

(10) Distributed: The language supports various levels of network connectivity, which gives it the capacity to develop distributed application. Java-based applications are network aware and they can access remote objects on the Internet.

Java is a powerhouse, a dynamic language with unmatched features that make it the first choice for web developers across the globe. If you want to empower your business with the rich features of this language, the best thing to do is to engage a professional java development company to create a result-oriented application for you. At OrangeMantra, we are a leading web development service provider that creates client-centric web, mobile, and enterprise applications. We have rich expertise in Java and deliver java web development services to build custom applications that match the unique requirements of the clients.