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Be Choosy In Selecting A Name for your Start-Up Business Online

Moving online with an e-commerce website and mobile apps is the foremost and important decision to search customers at the global level and expand the business beyond geographical barriers for a high return on investment cost. Apart from an intelligent Website design and development and/or the Mobile Apps Development, naming the business also play a significant role and every start-up needs to look into it at any cost.

Though some business investors may find that the business product and/or services matter the most, the research reports suggest otherwise.

For instance, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of FaceBook, renamed ‘The FaceBook’ as the FaceBook’, and the decision changed the company’s outlook. Further, Adam Alter,   Professor of Marketing and Psychology showed from his studies that the companies having simpler names were easy to pronounce and remember and witnessed a larger post-IPO bump as compared to its counterparts having complex names.

It is a common understanding that people like the customer, investor or an employee would hear the businesses name first and then the product. Though there are no defined rules to choose a name, there are certain aspects which ought to be taken care of while naming a business. Let us look into some of them with more detail.

Simplicity Wins: It is recommended to have the start-up names with only two syllables. A simple, easy to remember, professionalism, and, diligence have a positive subconscious reaction. The easier the name is, easier the business will be too.

Practicality: When creating a first impression of the name, it is better that the name states what the company exactly does. The name must be associated with the industry  theme. For instance, the name ‘Boost’ has something to do with the company’s product.

SEO practices: The business must have a corresponding domain name so that it could be easily visible onscreen for the businesses or the customers to create awareness of the brand. The business name forms the unquestioned digital asset, and the digital properties are important as the name.

Another significant psychological impact on the name is that one getting attached with it rarely changes it. It is better not to get emotionally attached to the name so that it could be changed if it is essential.

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