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Express JS: The Future of App and Web App Development

Express JS development

We find rapid and innovative changes in the realm of web and app development. This prompts the business and the website owners to adopt themselves to the changing technology, deploy new frameworks for their projects. Even though we may find several frameworks offering its own set of features, they are all meant for the common objective i.e., to develop real-time applications. Node.JS is influencing the future of app and web app development to a greater extent. And, of the several Node.js frameworks, Express JS development happens to be the best one.

The framework is supported by a large community and thus receives addition and reformation of the features and core functionalities. It is the lightweight framework which got incepted in 2009 and stands as the most reliable Node JS framework for web application.

It is known for simplicity, flexibility, minimalism, scalability, and inherits the Node.JS performance as well. Express JS is for Node JS as is the BootStrap for HTML/CSS and responsive web design. Express JS is written in JavaScript and could be used to build web applications, websites, and cross platform mobile apps. It is created easily with minimum coding lines and liked by all the Express JS developers and especially the novice ones.

Some of the beneficial features include:

  • The routing features, separate handlers, wild card handling, variables are pulled automatically from the URLs.
  • Sub routers
  • Static file serving
  • Several template engines could plug with
  • View caching
  • Routing occurs by case sensitivity or without case sensitiveness.
  • It is a middleware framework where third party NPM modules could be easily plugged
  • Possess eTag support
  • Moving further, it is used to build single-page, multi-page, hybrid mobile and the web apps. It is generally preferred to build common back-end functions for the web applications and the APIs (application programming interfaces). It supports the Model-View-Controller architecture and thus helpful to create the websites in the model driven format.

    And, mention not to say, the ‘E’ in MEAN software stack stands for Express JS and runs along the Mongo DB database and the Angular JS front-end framework.

    Contracting Express JS Development Services cuts off the time to half as it helps in delivering the apps at a faster rate and that too in efficiently and robust way. Moreover, the combination of Express JS and Angular JS is a great combination for web app development. In a nutshell, Express JS is the best option as an independent framework, combined with the Angular JS or the MEAN stack.