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  • The Use of Java Technologies in Web Application Development

    Java Technology needs no introduction. The high-end server-side programming language holds a competitive market share… Read More
  • Advantages-Of-Using-Shopify-For-Your-online-Store

    Benefits Of Choosing Shopify For E-Commerce Store Development

    E-commerce has entirely changed the business scenario, with sellers showcasing their products online rather than in… Read More
  • Telematics-Powered Smart Tires Hit the Road-thumbnail

    Telematics – Powered Smart Tires Hit the Road

    Goodyear and Bridgestone are rolling out tires with intelligent features that can predict flats. Using AI algorithms… Read More
  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud Launches New Analytics Tools for Enterprises

    Data analytics drive the most successful businesses today. With the world going on a digital overdrive during the pandemic,… Read More
  • Hybrid Cloud

    How Hybrid Cloud Accelerates IT Infrastructure Modernization

    With demands for agility, speed, and disaster-readiness growing, more businesses are considering hybrid cloud adoption.… Read More
  • Mobile Commerce

    7 Compelling Reasons to Choose Magento for Mobile Commerce

    Businesses and consumers alike cannot imagine life without digital commerce anymore. As we continue to deal with a global… Read More
  • Top Automotive Software Engineering Trends to Watch Out in 2021

    COVID-19 has perhaps been the most devastating blow the automotive industry has seen ever. With streets emptying and factories… Read More
  • Predictive Analytics

    How Predictive Analytics Makes Businesses Disruption-Proof and Profitable

    2020 brought to the fore the irreplaceable role of technology in business resilience—among a gazillion other things.… Read More
  • Cloud Computing

    Google Announces Its Largest-Ever Cloud Computing Deal

    Google announced one of its most ambitious cloud-computing contracts on April 26, 2021. The tech goliath has signed an… Read More
  • Virtual Hospitals

    How Virtual Hospitals Are Making Healthcare Efficient and Futuristic

    The coronavirus pandemic has upended healthcare systems around the world. Developed and developed countries alike have… Read More
  • Remote Work Solutions

    Why Companies Are Embracing Remote Work Solutions for the Long Run

    Companies in India and elsewhere in the world are postponing their back-to-the-office plans. With the second wave of COVID-19… Read More
  • Shopping app image

    Google Plans to Shut Down its Shopping App for Android And iOS

    Google has planned to discontinue its mobile shopping app, The Verge reported. The app enables users “to shop millions… Read More
  • IoT Is Transforming Clothing and Healthcare Industries

    How IoT Is Transforming Clothing and Healthcare Industries

    Everything related to digital connectivity evolved dramatically in 2020. The Internet of Things (IoT) is no exception.… Read More
  • Amazon-vs-Shopify-thumbnail

    Amazon vs Shopify- How Shopify Is Powering Small Business eCommerce

    Amazon’s near-monopoly in eCommerce has troubled small businesses for years. With the coronavirus forcing countless… Read More
  • Mobile App Development

    7 Mobile App Development Trends You Must Watch in 2020

    App development is one of the most dynamic and trends -sensitive areas of the software industry. As the world responds to… Read More
  • Blockchain And E-Commerce: How Do They Make A Winning Combination

    E-commerce selling has been around for decades now and the evolution of the industry has been exemplary. Over the years,… Read More
  • Magento 1 SUPEE-10752 Security Patch Release: All That You Need To Know

    27th July 2018 was a big day for the merchants running their e-commerce stores on Magento 1 versions as the platform announced… Read More
  • How Mobile Technology Is Opening New Opportunities For Businesses

    The advent of mobile technology is perhaps the biggest and most positive thing that has happened for businesses in recent… Read More
  • 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends That Are Ruling The Business Space

    Mobility is perhaps the most positive technology that enterprises have come across in the recent decades. Mobile applications… Read More
  • 7 Industries That Are Witnessing The Impact Of Voice Technology

    Voice recognition has surfaced as the tech trend of the decade, with voice-based digital assistants becoming part of homes… Read More
  • The wait is finally going to end as IKEA will be launching its first brand store in India on the 9th of August

    IKEA, the Swedish home-decor brand that embraces the concept of making homes beautiful and comfortable, is all set to break… Read More
  • OrangeMantra celebrates the journey of India’s largest fashion house

    OrangeMantra is proud to be associated with the brand that has redefined the Indian fashion industry. As the e-commerce… Read More
  • Java For Enterprises: Versatility, Innovation, And Performance

    The two-decade-long journey of Java has been an eventful one, as it started merely as a programming language and today stands… Read More
  • OrangeMantra Named Amongst Top B2B Agencies in India 2018 By Clutch

    At OrangeMantra, we are pleased to share yet another achievement and an important milestone in our journey of 17+ years… Read More
  • 6 Best Programming Languages Used For Mobile App Development

    As mobile apps become the lifeline of businesses today, developers are constantly making efforts to improve their functionalities… Read More
  • 5 Tech Trends That Are Transforming Software Development In 2018

    The software development domain is a dynamic one, with trends coming and going at a deafening pace. Every passing day brings… Read More
  • Java Plays An Evolutionary Role For Big Data And The IoT

    Over the last few years, businesses have realized the unmatched potential that data holds. With this, more and more of them… Read More
  • How User Experience Has Become The Mainstay Of Digital Marketing

    The user experience is an indispensable element of the digital landscape today. It greatly influences the time that a user… Read More
  • 10 Java Features That Make It Stand Apart

    Java is one of the most widely used computer languages across the globe and it has held a distinctive position for years now.… Read More
  • Another milestone for OrangeMantra as it creates Hero MotoCorp’s first spare parts ecommerce portal

    The recent launch of is a big event for Hero MotoCorp customers as the newly-introduced online store enables… Read More
  • Why Every Business Needs To Invest In A Solid SEO Strategy

    As the internet becomes an indispensable part of the business, there is a need to build a robust online presence with the… Read More
  • Top 7 Ecommerce Platforms That Are Making It Big In 2018

    The e-commerce trend rocked the business scenario decades ago and is still going strong. There are millions of sellers… Read More
  • Magento Website Development Costing: Know What To Expect

    An online store is the foundation of an e-commerce business because it establishes a presence where they can showcase their… Read More
  • What Makes ReactJS The Favorite Platform For Big Business Brands

    The digital revolution has transformed the business scenario today and most of the enterprises look to adopt specialized… Read More
  • Blockchain and Big Data: The Potent Combo That Drives Business Growth

    The past few years have been eventful for businesses as disruptive technologies have ushered revolutionary changes for… Read More
  • 5 CX Predictions To Drive Success For Magento E-Commerce Stores In 2018

    E-commerce is a business domain that has evolved at a rapid pace. The competition is high and the parameters that drive success… Read More
  • Blockchain Technology Will Rewrite The Future Of Mobile App Development

    The inclination towards adoption of innovative technologies has been increasing with the passage of time. It is so because… Read More
  • 5 Futuristic Technologies That Will Rule Enterprise Mobility In Future

    The impact of technology on human existence is immense. Undoubtedly, the futuristic technologies like the Internet of… Read More
  • Impact Of Conversion Rate Optimization On E-Commerce Sales

    E-commerce is a challenging domain, where sustenance and success come with dedication, diligence, and perseverance.… Read More
  • Thanks to AI, Google Will Predict Flight Delays Before Airlines Do!

    What could be more frustrating than making it to the airport in time, just to know that your flight is running 8 hours behind… Read More
  • How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Serve Each Other

    The business scenario has changed a lot in the past few years, with disruptive technologies making inroads into it. Big… Read More
  • How Blockchain Spells New Opportunities For Mobility And Commerce

    The human existence is based on mutual trust, particularly when it comes to financial transactions, as there is the involvement… Read More
  • Floraindia All Set To Take Online Flower Delivery A Notch Higher

    Floraindia is a pioneering flower delivery brand that has been delivering flowers, cakes, and smiles since 2004. Over… Read More
  • 7 Disruptive IoT Trends That Are Going To Make It Big In 2018

    The Internet of Things has become a term of common knowledge in the past year as even non-technical people have become comfortable… Read More
  • 7 Trends That Will Redefine E-Commerce Selling In 2018

    E-commerce has been around for almost a decade now and it has evolved over this period of time. From having an online presence… Read More
  • How Big Data Is Opening New Frontiers For Businesses

    As digital becomes the way of life, businesses have opened up to the idea of leveraging Big Data to achieve their target growth.… Read More
  • The Surprising Cost Of Not Doing SEO For Your E-commerce Store

    The challenges of e-commerce selling are distinct from those of the conventional in-store selling. The reason is that… Read More
  • Top 7 Disruptive Digital Marketing Trends Of The Future

    The past few years have belonged to disruptive technologies, with businesses embracing innovation to walk on the digital… Read More
  • Hire An Expert Digital Agency To Adopt A Progressive Approach

    As digital marketing has changed the conventional selling model, sellers have realised the significance of having an… Read More
  • What Makes Shopify Plus An Ideal E-Commerce Platform

    Over the years, Shopify has garnered immense popularity as an e-commerce platform. However, it has the reputation of being… Read More
  • Shopify’s New Update Enhances The Shopping Experience Manifold

    Shopify has witnessed some key changes during 2017, with numerous updates and additional enhancements that have given… Read More
  • Challenges That Magento Stores May Come Across With Varnish Cache

    The loading speed of an e-commerce store has been recognized as a vital parameter of its success. Ideally, such a site should… Read More
  • How Chat Bots Are Poised To Revolutionalize Digital Marketing

    The rise of e-commerce has changed the way things are bought and sold. It has also led to an immense increase in the use of technology… Read More
  • How Mobile Apps Give A Winning Advantage To E-Commerce Portals

    Smartphone devices are no longer confined to communication but offer an unending array of services and advantages to the… Read More
  • Boost Your E-Commerce Business With A Sound Personalization Strategy

    E-commerce is a highly competitive domain where small things are capable of making big differences. Sellers in this domain,… Read More
  • 6 Ways The Blockchain Technology Is Poised To Impact Lives

    Amongst the most disruptive technologies of the present times is the blockchain technology, which goes much beyond distributed… Read More
  • Software Testing Is Geared Up For The AI Revolution

    As technology has proliferated business in every possible way, every enterprise is looking to invest in business applications.… Read More
  • Marketing Automation Emerges As The New Business Buzzword

    Technology has proliferated every business process today and marketing is no exception. Marketing automation technology… Read More
  • Digital Transformation Is Truly Transforming The Hospitality Industry

    As the world becomes a smaller place, the hospitality industry is going through a period of booming growth. More people… Read More
  • What Makes The Web Better Than Native For Data-Intensive Apps

    The past decade has definitely been dominated by the smartphone, with more and more businesses investing in mobile application… Read More
  • Discover The Unmatched Potential Of The Key Digital Marketing Metrics

    As online selling becomes a booming trend, a digital marketing strategy becomes the need of the hour. It is not only important… Read More
  • Is Varnish Caching A Reliable Measure For Magento Store Speed Optimization

    Selling in e-commerce domain is all about delivering amazing shopping experiences and even a mild glitch in the checkout… Read More
  • Significance Of User-Centric Design In Mobile App Development

    Mobile applications have become a necessity for business today and perhaps, this is the reason why the app store is crammed… Read More
  • 6 Effective Tips To Take Your E-Commerce Site To The Top

    Running an e-commerce site is a challenging task. From cut-throat competition to technical challenges, there are a number… Read More
  • Drupal Commerce- The Ideal Custom E-Commerce Development Solution

    Running an e-commerce store goes beyond selling your products and services online. It requires management of content… Read More
  • On-Demand Mobile App Development Is Gaining Recognition

    The last few years have seen a tremendous transformation for businesses as mobile presence has become the cornerstone… Read More
  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Reshape The Future

    Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most trending technology of today’s times. However, the idea is not so new… Read More
  • Technology Solutions Would Solve The Quest For GST-Compliance

    July 1st, 2017 marked the beginning of a new era for the Indian economy as the GST bill was launched. With the biggest tax reform… Read More
  • How IoT Is Driving Growth For Various Industry Verticals

    The Internet of Things is a disruptive technology that has touched the human existence in every possible way. The IoT brings… Read More
  • Trends That Will Be Shaping The IoT Industry in 2017

    The Internet of Things refers to the huge network that connects devices (“things”) to the internet. These devices are embedded… Read More
  • Discover the Futuristic Technology For Hybrid App Development

    Hybrid apps have attained huge popularity because they bring together the best of native and web apps. They serve as a perfect… Read More
  • Codeigniter Features That Make It Ideal For Business Applications

    Codeigniter is a widely used PHP-framework trusted for creating innovative and creative websites, web applications,… Read More
  • 6 Industries That Are Experiencing The Amazing Impact Of AR

    Augmented Reality is truly a disruptive technology as it is changing the way the human race interacts with the world around.… Read More
  • Trends That Will Bring A New Era For Online Advertising

    As the internet has proliferated the business world, online advertising has become the core of marketing strategy. Today,… Read More
  • Why Cloudways Makes The Best Choice For Magento Store Hosting

    Magento, with its rich features and functionalities, undoubtedly makes an ideal e-commerce platform. Convenient development… Read More
  • M-Commerce: How To Put Your E-Commerce Business In Safe Hands

    Choosing Betweeen Mobile App, Responsive Website, And Mobile Website With m-commerce becoming the booming trend, more… Read More
  • Mobile App Categories That Are Making It Big In 2017

    Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of human existence these days. They have attained a level of addiction… Read More
  • On-Demand Business Trend Making It Big With Smart Mobile Apps

    Patience is one virtue that is lacking in the millennials. Perhaps, this is the one big reason that has driven the booming… Read More
  • The Changing Commerce Ways from Traditional to Traditional via Technology

    Hope, we all remember the Indian milkman. The date backs to 1950s and 60s where the delivery of milk, groceries, household… Read More
  • Create A Digital Marketing Strategy as Per Your Business Value

    Digital Marketing has become the most reliable, cost-effective, and less time-bound medium to get known in the domain… Read More
  • The Most Popular CMSs for E-Commerce, SEO, and the Bloggers

    The Content Management System [CMS] is the computer application which renders tools for administering, collaborating,… Read More
  • Android O : Latest Version is All Set to Entice the Developers and Users

    Image Source: Google released the new developer version of the next Android OS, ‘Android… Read More
  • Make a Successful E-commerce Website to Grow Business Online

    Selling online has become an inseparable part of this Digital world. The business personnel has moved their business to… Read More
  • Customer is the King from the Day Zero to Today’s Millennial Era

    Starting from the offline retailer to the online ones, customer loyalty programs play the key role to prompt sales and gain… Read More
  • Plan your Enterprise Solutions as per the Trending Technology

    The exploration and use of multiple applications and upgrade of technology are highly essential for today’s businesses.… Read More
  • Tagging Artificial Intelligence to E-commerce for Enhanced Customer Experience

    Shopping has raised higher from a simple barter system where the needed things got exchanged between the concerned persons… Read More
  • Keep A Check On Mobile Transactions Abandonment for Your Online Commerce

    It is a fact today that the consumers around the world are dependent on their smartphones to make an online purchase. Accordingly,… Read More
  • Why Do You Need Cross Platform Mobile Application Development?

    Mobility has become an inseparable part of the digital world and is redirecting the industries, society, and, the world’s… Read More
  • User-Centric iOS Application Development is the Need for your Online Business

    Mobile applications are no more an extended part of the e-commerce websites. Today, we find several companies which exist… Read More
  • The Impact of E-commerce in Rural India

    E-commerce is the word ruling the business since the last few decades. Thousands of businesses have moved online to utilize… Read More
  • Indian Farmers get Mobile Applications to Ease the Agriculture Practices

    Agriculture plays the important role in the country’ s economy. More than 58% of the Indian rural households are… Read More
  • Utility of Magento for Taking Fashion Online

    The fashion industry is all about visual aesthetics…..all that looks good sells well. Whether you are selling through… Read More
  • The Fair Play Model of Winning the CIO Choice Awards

    It is celebration time at Orange Mantra as we have been awarded with the prestigious CIO CHOICE 2017 Honor and Recognition… Read More
  • Orange Mantra Walks through the CIO Red Carpet Night, 2017

    The fervor and celebration air of New Year continues at Orange Mantra as We have been awarded with the CIO CHOICE 2017 Honor… Read More
  • Orange Mantra is Eager to Capture the Red Carpet Night at The Lalit, Mumbai

    CORE Media, the owners of CIO CHOICE brand is all set to celebrate its 5th year in business at Red Carpet Night, The Lalit,… Read More
  • The Next Revolution in the Mobile Industry 2017

    Which Mobile Technology is ready to take the jump? First one is buzzing The dawn of 2017 is very near and it is going to be the… Read More
  • Focus on Crafting Social Media Strategies for E-commerce Success

    Today, we find an intense focus on social media marketing. The reason is simple; it is where we could find our customers.… Read More
  • The Use of UPI Android App Surges Post Demonetization

    The recent Demonetization movement by the Indian government is pushing forward the Unified Payment Interface (UPI),… Read More
  • Digitize Your Supply Chain System for a Successful E-commerce Business

    E-commerce has become a convenient mode of shopping as the customers are poured with a wider choice of the products, the… Read More
  • The Era of Cashless Economy Surges in India and Across the World

    It is the era of Cashless payment today. We hardly find people carrying cold hard cash. Even if they carry, it could be just… Read More