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Drupal Commerce- The Ideal Custom E-Commerce Development Solution

Running an e-commerce store goes beyond selling your products and services online. It requires management of content as well as ensuring an interactive experience for the buyers. You need to look for a solution that blends commerce with content and community and Drupal Commerce is ideal for this purpose. An open-source e-commerce solution, it is built on Drupal CMS and is enriched with all the features of this powerful platform. It brings a range of modules that can be used to create custom e-commerce websites of all sizes and for businesses with diverse requirements.

Drupal Commerce Features That Make It Ideal For E-Commerce
The framework is tailored for e-commerce as it bundles up some amazing features in addition to essentials such as shopping cart, product catalog, checkout form, and more. Besides this, it brings a full range of useful features that make it ideal for this business domain. Let’s explore them for you:

Drupal Commerce is built on Drupal 7 and begets all the features of the rich and reliable e-commerce platform. The core systems provide essential features such as product administration, order management, tax calculation, dynamic product displays, and much more. Additionally, it supports multi-currency and multilingual functionalities which make it ideal for building highly functional online stores.

The solution caters amazing user experiences as it combines content with commerce in one. Being the only platform built on an enterprise CMS, it connects products and content to drive online sales for e-commerce enterprises.

Being a scalable solution, it is capable of handling business growth in an effective manner. It is powerful enough to align with high traffic on the website as the business expands in future.

Another feature that makes it ideal for e-commerce development is its flexibility. Since it uses configurable modules to build the store, it is easy to adapt it to the changing business model or size. The site can be literally tailored to meet specific needs using the core interfaces of Drupal to manage the page and block layouts, data objects, and business logic.

Being an open-source solution, it is free for use for merchants across the world and does not need them to pay anything to access its features. At the same time, it offers high quality, fast speed, and an extensive community support.

Social Networking
A Drupal Commerce site can be easily integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This enhances the social connections of the business and it can avail the advantages of the customers sharing their purchases and promoting the products across their social profiles.

Responsiveness is the need of the hour for online enterprises as they definitely need to gain the m-commerce advantage. This framework excels in terms of responsiveness too as it enables the creation of mobile responsive e-commerce sites with its base themes.

The solution is enriched with unmatched extensibility too as it can be integrated with third-party applications such as payment gateways, social networks, accounting applications, and more. The API has been built to support the export and import of e-commerce data.

Easy To Maintain
A site built on the framework is easy to maintain and manage because there is only a single set of tools to handle. For this reason, functions such as SEO, CRO, and web analytics become much simpler and easier. The development time is less too as compared to a two-platform system.

In addition to an impeccable range of features, Drupal Commerce serves innovativeness out of the box. It is constantly evolving, with Drupal developers contributing new versions and modules. The consistent community support makes the platform all the more reliable for e-commerce vendors. At Orange Mantra, we serve quality solutions based on this rich platform to make sure that your business is able to reach its targeted growth.

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