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Empowering E-commerce Through Social Network: Facebook

Facebook is the incredible social network by default. Millions and millions of human population rely on Facebook for everything from messaging a friend, calling a friend, update photos, videos, family status, invite for occasions, and so forth. Today, Facebook seems to have taken a proactive approach in ways of doing business and incidentally all Facebook needs now has become a direct way to sell.

Contextually, the studies of Jan Dawson, the founder and chief analyst for tech research consulting firm asserts affirmatively that Facebook could be positioned to make the sell as an easy go. He makes a strong note that Facebook has several of the essential components already which are required for a successful e-commerce business.

A few of them are:

Potential sellers: It has the direct sellers or has close connections with companies that could be the suppliers of the products or the services.

Potential buyers: It envelopes a large number of potential customers for those products/services across the globe.

: It directs a strong signal about the products you offer would be of interest to the potential customers.

Customer-service infrastructure: It is a means for the buyers and sellers to communicate with each other before, during and after the sale.

Marketing tools: It is a means for advertising and word-of-mouth tools for making the consumers aware of the products or the services available.

To strengthen the studies further, Nielsen-the leading global and measurement company has monitored the inclination of the consumers watch [programming, advertising] their buy [categories, brands or the products] on regional and global basis. The summarized report states that even video views under 10 seconds effectively build awareness and drive purchase intent. Lift has been reported across ad recall; brand awareness even when people who never watched the video but did see the impression. The impact of the ‘fraction of a second’ also carried affirmative value.

Today, most of the social sites like pinterest work on a buy button. Dawson predicts that the next move for Facebook is to implement buy buttons and truly will become a direct way to power social commerce.

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