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Why Integration Of Big Data Analytics And .NET Is Ideal For Enterprises

Integration Of Big Data Analytics And .NET

Data has become the lifeline of business today. In fact, all the major decisions made by them are based on the insights gained by analyzing the data collected from diverse channels. Enterprises prioritize gathering as much data as they can for making the right decisions with the objective of driving growth. However, making sense from a random set of numbers that are humongous in number is easier said than done. Embracing a big data solution, thus, no longer remains a choice for enterprises of all sizes and types.

Now that you know that you must invest in a solution that enables you to avail the benefits of big data for your business, the next obvious question would be about how to do it. There is a choice of software platforms that can be leveraged for coming up with a robust Big Data application. Microsfot .NET makes an ideal choice in this context. Before delving deeper into the value of integrating .NET development with Big Data Analytics, let us understand the concept of Big Data better.

Begin with the basics: Understanding Big Data
Essentially, Big Data refers to data sets that are voluminous and complex to an extent that traditional data applications cannot handle them well enough. Combined with analytics, these data sets have the potential to provide valuable information related to customer preferences and market trends. It is essential to understand that data alone serves no value to businesses as it needs to be combined with powerful analytics to get useful insights that really matter. Here is how this amazing combination can take an enterprise to the next level.

  • Enables more informed business decisions by the enterprises by offering guiding answers to the business-critical questions.
  • Ensures accuracy of decisions by reducing the inherent risks related with the processing of large data volumes.
  • Offers a holistic view to the business, thus driving better decisions with a comprehensive picture of the risks and benefits.
  • Reduces the time and effort required for gathering insights, thereby making the business intelligent to the core.
  • Improves operational efficiency and employee efficiency in addition to providing useful insights for marketing strategies.

Integration of Big Data with .NET: What makes it a smart idea?
Microsoft .NET comes ahead as an acclaimed development framework with a range of functionalities that enable the creation of complex apps for diverse business needs. Enterprises are consistently leaning towards this framework for Big Data integration because of its capability to enable seamless and strategic integration. Furthermore, an integration between the two comes ahead as a viable option because the Power BI, Microsoft’s data analytics software with Hadoop, is an open ecosystem. Since business enterprises are keen about processing data for getting actionable insights, investing in a Big Data applications seems like a smart move. And you can get even smarter by availing .net development service to get an application that serves true value to your business. Coupling .NET with IIS server is recommended for anyone looking for a flexible and scalable application development technology.

Considering the importance of Big Data for businesses, adoption of a solution that leverages raw numbers to create rich business insights becomes a must for businesses. The reach challenge, however, lies in choosing the right development framework for the application that is meant to handle huge volumes of disparate data and analyze them for accurate insights. With all that has been said about the suitability of .NET for Big Data applications, it emerges as a framework that you can trust.

At the same time, it is also important to choose the right application development partner for working on your project. OrangeMantra is a name that you can trust for hiring dot net developers for your project. Our team comprises dot net professionals who not only specialize in this framework but also hold expertise in Big Data application development. They can blend both of them seamlessly and facilitate the integration of an effective Big Data application within your current setup. Connect with us to share your requirements and we will have a perfect solution for your needs.