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5 Futuristic Technologies That Will Rule Enterprise Mobility In Future

Futuristic Technologies That Will Rule Enterprise Mobility In Future

The impact of technology on human existence is immense. Undoubtedly, the futuristic technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, and Big Data are changing the business scenario in more than one ways. These technologies have set the balls rolling for the enterprise mobility segment in particular, by disrupting the way applications are made and used by businesses. Truly, they are here to stay and empower enterprise applications in the future. Let us explore the amazing impact they are poised to have on enterprise mobility in the coming years.

The Internet of Things Will Empower The Workforce
The IoT is a technology that is making devices smarter, whether it is about home automation devices or industrial machinery. Enterprises will thus be moving over to sensor-powered devices along with wearable apps (for the workforce) to achieve perfection in their operations. With these apps, the workforce can be empowered to operate machinery as well as monitor and manage the processes from remote locations. Additionally, the technology enables them to collect and share information from diverse sources and apply it for making collaborative business decisions.

AI Will Drive Security And Customer Services
It’s high time that enterprises reckon the power of Artificial Intelligence and embrace it as a part of their existence. The enterprise mobility applications of the future will be equipped with AI to ensure that it happens. The AI-powered chatbots are already becoming an essential for mobile apps as they ensure the delivery of enhanced customer experiences. Similarly, AI will strengthen the cyber security of enterprise applications and create a safe environment for the adoption and growth of the BYOD culture.

AR and VR Will Enhance Workforce Training
AR and VR are other futuristic technologies that will help enterprises to train their workforce in a better way. Enterprise applications will integrate these technologies for providing simulative training with life-like experiences that are created by merging the physical and the virtual. Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and aviation are going to benefit from such apps.

Location-based Technologies Will Make Enterprises Smarter
More and more commercial applications are going to integrate location-based technologies in the coming years. The increasing use of Beacons is the proof of growing popularity of this trend. These smart sensors enable the transmission of data to mobile devices to facilitate seamless communication across the entire enterprise channels for higher productivity and better collaboration.

Cloud Services And Big Data Will Take Precedence
In the recent years, enterprises have witnessed an increasing adoption of the cloud services, which has resulted in a massive influx of self-generated data for them. The coming years will see an increasing dependence on Big Data for the identification of trends and taking transformative decisions by the businesses. As a result, most of the enterprise mobility solutions will be connected to data and analytics so that business may use them for enhancing their productivity and driving better strategic decisions.

Seeing this scenario, it will become imperative for the enterprises to wholeheartedly embrace these disruptive technologies as a part of their mobility solutions. From reimagining their core functions–including operations, marketing, and customer service, to bringing on higher productivity and return on investment (ROI), these technologies will absolutely change the game for them.

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