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On-Demand Mobile App Development Is Gaining Recognition

On-Demand Mobile App Development

The last few years have seen a tremendous transformation for businesses as mobile presence has become the cornerstone of their success. The shift from web to mobility is well justified, considering the increasing number of smartphone users across the globe. Needless to say, the advantages of investing in mobile applications for businesses are extensive. Yet, there is a need to be selective about mobile application development for ensuring that this investment brings bountiful results for the business. There are several factors to be considered, out of which the business’ requirement is the primary one. Therefore, it is important to look for an app development company that serves custom apps on-demand. Let us try to understand the significance of such mobility solutions for a business.

Industry-Specific Mobile Technologies For Clients From Diverse Verticals

The app space has become the breeding ground for innovative technologies. From Cloud technology to Beacons, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Big Data, and more, there are many futuristic technologies that app developers are embracing. Businesses that are planning to take up the mobility route have to analyze their requirements and hand-pick the ones they need to be included in their apps. Here are some industry-specific technologies that would be suitable for various segments.

E-Commerce: Mobile apps have created endless opportunities for e-commerce sellers. For this reason, they would leave no stone unturned when it comes to deriving the benefits of these m-commerce applications. For instance, chatbots as a form of Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into the app to increase the standard of customer services. Virtual try-rooms harness VR and AR to give fashion apps a new dimension.

Retail: The most widely applicable mobile technology for retail enterprises is that of beacons. Along with beacon-based applications, these small yet powerful devices can be used to deliver contextual messages to nearby customers. Again, AR and VR can be integrated into retail apps to give users a personalized shopping experience.

Banking: Mobile banking apps have become mainstream today as a majority of smartphone users prefer to have one on their devices. Primarily, these apps are focused on providing seamless services and ensuring the security of the client. The most desirable technologies for banking apps include Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

Healthcare: Some of the mobile technologies that the healthcare segment can benefit from are beacons, wearable technology, AI, VR, and AR. The industry has a huge scope for the Cloud too as the technology makes a reliable way to store and access patient data in a secure manner.

Travel, Hospitality, And Navigation: The AI-powered virtual assistants can ease up travel, accommodation, and navigation for tourists. Together with location-based technologies, they can help tourists navigate new places as well as get the best hospitality experiences too.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry can apply cloud-based enterprise mobility applications to establish a seamless connectivity between employees, customers, and partners. They can opt for AR and VR to provide simulative training. Similarly, AI and Big Data can be used for predictive analysis.

Though only a few industries have been discussed here, the scope of mobile technology is much wider. Sectors like education, logistics, gaming and entertainment, real estate, and automotive can avail the benefits of these high-tech solutions too. Each industry vertical has a specific set of requirements and a custom-made mobile app is the best solution to handle these requirements.

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On-Demand App Development Is The Need Of The Hour

Modern entrepreneurs are smart and tech-savvy and they would not invest in anything that does not bring returns. This is the reason that on-demand app development is considered as the need of the hour. The business owner first understands the audience and market to decide whether he should invest in iOS, Android, or hybrid app development. Next, he decides the features and functionalities that the mobility solution needs to have. The same has to be conveyed to the developers so that they can design an application to match the demanded specifications. There are some who would want certain technologies to be integrated into the existing applications. The need is to look for an app development company that has the expertise to handle such complexities.

Orange Mantra is a trusted IT-partner that helps businesses to make a smooth and successful mobility transition. We have a team of expert mobile developers with versatile portfolios, including iOS, Android, Windows, hybrid apps, and more. We have an impressive track-record of having served global clientage from diverse industry verticals. Creating custom apps with features on-demand is our specialty as we understand the client’s requirements to create tailor-made solutions for them. Whether it is AR, VR, AI, wearable technology, or more, our developer team has an unmatched skill-set when it comes to innovative technologies. We excel at harnessing the latest of these technologies for creating custom mobile applications and upgrading the existing ones too.