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Indian Farmers get Mobile Applications to Ease the Agriculture Practices

Mobile Applications to Ease the Agriculture Practices

Agriculture plays the important role in the country’ s economy. More than 58% of the Indian rural households are dependent on agriculture as their means of livelihood, and it stands as one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product [GDP] in India.

As a part of Digital India movement, the startups and the tech companies have teamed up with the government to develop mobile application for farmers in India. The Indian govt. and other research institutes have introduced several mobile applications in favor of the farmers as an aid for their agriculture practices and marketing for a profit. The mobile applications enable the Indian farmers to avail data regarding the insurance of the crops, know the prices of agriculture commodities in various markets across the country, helping them to fix the price for their commodities as per the market trend, climatic conditions for sowing of seeds, taking care of their cattle, and so forth.

The farmers are also able to interact and avail guidance from the agriculture experts across the country through the mobile applications. And, it is expected that the mobile applications adoption would boost the agriculture sector.

The Boston Group Study says that about 315 million rural Indians will get Internet connection by 2020 as against 120 million today. As the Internet connections are getting more popular and there is increase of smartphone penetration in rural areas too, the farmers are able to research on the farming solutions.

Let us have a look at some of the mobile applications developed for the farmers of rural India.

  • The apps – Agrimarket mobile app and Crop insurance mobile app developed by the in-house IT division of the Agriculture ministry are available in Google Store or mKisan portal for download.

The farmers are able to avail the information about the crop insurance coverage, calculate premium, details of the insured amount, and market prices by capturing their location using mobile GPS. Further, the apps are available in English and Hindi.

  • The SmartAgri app developed by Vijayaraghavan Viswanathan with European organization for nuclear research is able to communicate with the underground sensors which give the data like soil moisture and other minute details for the farmers.
  • Likewise, the app created by the Jayalakshmi Agro Tech equips the farmers with crop-specific information using the audio visual tools.
  • Mandi Trades lists govt’ s updated price lists.
  • Rainbow agri connects the local buyers and the sellers.
  • Mpower social offers the veterinary advice for the cattle owners.
  • Microsoft has introduced an app that states the perfect week for sowing of seeds, the health of the soil and other necessary indicators in the Andhra Pradesh state. .

All these apps cater to the agriculture sector. In the long run, it is anticipated that the rural masses will use the technology in order to grow their agriculture as a profitable business.

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