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Orange Mantra Introduces Its Incubation Cell, Giving Entrepreneurs The Opportunity To Escalate Their Business

Orange Mantra (OM) introduces its incubation cell, aimed at identifying, fostering, and endorsing the entrepreneurs who aspire to build their own business in a specific domain. OM looks forward to providing the infrastructure, workforce, and other key facilities to the start-ups willing to have a considerable share of the market served with respect to its basic to advanced needs.

Participating In Incubation

OM invites applicants with strong business plans along with their evident business models, which will also create multiple job opportunities for eligible candidates and commercialize the technologies practiced. The process starts with the applicants submitting their business plans to OM for the review.

Incubation Process

As the result of the process followed by the incubation cell at OM, if a business plan appears to be productive and interesting, the particular entrepreneur can be given the opportunity to take it to the next step, i.e. the screening committee at OM. The screening committee will then decide and take the appropriate action. Subsequently, the entrepreneur will be informed on the feasibility of the action by means of an intimation letter or email.

If an entrepreneur avails the opportunity, then he/she needs to submit all the documents of the incorporation along with the PAN card prior to the preparation of the incubation agreement. After receiving, the documents will undergo a necessary verification, and then the entrepreneur will be allowed to enter incubation before the date of termination.

For more details, give us a call on +91-7533006630

Orange Mantra Office image
Orange Mantra Office image
Orange Mantra Office image
Orange Mantra Office image

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