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Reasons That Make Android An Apt Choice For On-Demand Apps

Reasons That Make Android An Apt Choice For On-Demand Apps

The concept of on-demand apps has made it big in the last few years and almost every business vertical is jumping into the bandwagon today. Needless to say, consumers love them too as they offer access to instant services like cab booking, medical checks, food delivery, housekeeping, and more. At the same time, this is a huge opportunity for businesses as well- all they need to do is to act as mediators between service providers and app users, and they can mint money like anything. If you want to try your luck in this domain, the first thing that you would need to do is to invest in mobile app development because a mobile application is where it all begins. Plus, you would need to know all about how these apps and the business works.

All about on-demand apps

Basically, an on-demand application is a tailored mobility solution that acts as a bridge between the service providers and users. At the same time, it is an investment as well as the operational backbone of the on-demand business. For instance, a cab booking app facilitates a seamless connection between a driver and a passenger, while the booking service makes money as well. On-demand is a lucrative business model that does not require a business to invest massively in inventory; rather mobile application development is the only major investment that they need to make.

Hence, it becomes imperative that you should have a robust and user-friendly application because this is what serves as the foundation of your business. Also, you need to have one with a great UX that makes you stand apart in the increasingly competitive scenario. Of course, it must have a set of right features to entice and retain your targeted audience but you need to put a lot of though into platform choice as well. Though you can have it built on any OS, Android emerges as the best choice, Let us try and understand why.

Android & On-demand- What makes them a perfect pair?
As a starter, you need to understand that the best approach would be to have your application launched for one platform for the sake of cost-effectiveness and risk minimization. Once you grow bigger and get established, you can obviously have apps for other platforms as well. Between Android and iOS, the former seems to be a better option for such businesses. However, before approaching an Android app development company to create a mobility solution for your business, you need to justify this platform’s choice. Here are a few reasons that make Android the right platform to begin with.

Greater market share
In terms of market share, Android definitely surpasses the competitors like iOS and Windows to emerge as one with the greatest number of users. Additionally, the global demography of these apps is greater, with huge market bases in several regions. A majority of smartphones across the globe run on this OS, which is the reason that investing in an on-demand app for this platform will give you greater opportunities in terms of market reach.

Flexible Play Store policies
If you ask Android app developers, they would be more than happy about the lenient and flexible publishing policies of Google’s Play Store. The review timing here is quicker as compared to that on App Store, which makes them faster-to-market. Also, developers hardly have any stringent terms and conditions to follow. Furthermore, it requires only one-time nominal registration, making Android apps a cost-effective as compared to iOS counterparts.

Enables addition of diverse features
Push notifications, GPS functionality, and integration of Maps are some features that on-demand apps must have to connect with the target audience and facilitate service delivery. With Android, you have access to more features that empower your mobility solution for delivering better user experiences.

Facilitates easy customization
This business landscape is a dynamic one, with customer expectations and competitive scenario changing time and again. Accordingly, your business application would require frequent tweaks and updates to keep pace with the market dynamics. With the Android platform, you can be confident about the level of customization it offers. Developers can customize it with minimal efforts and within an optimal time span.

Dependable data storage
Another aspect in which Android has clear advantage is that of data storage. Your app gets 15 GB free storage capacity in addition to cross platform support, which makes it great for data storage. With Google’s own cloud storage, accessing data is simpler and hassle-free. This is crucial for on-demand apps as they have voluminous customer data to handle.

Handles multiple notifications effectively
Typically, an on-demand app needs to send across multiple push notifications to deliver useful information to the users and keep them updated. Android OS is preferable because it is capable of handling multiple notifications from one app effectively. Moreover, users can respond to them even without having to open the app.

Gives access to Google Assistant
By option for the Android OS for your app, you get access to Google Assistant, the powerful voice assistant that is backed by Google. It can help the users to search as well as stay updated with the contextual information, all without having to key in textual queries. The voice assistant also empowers the application with a conversational approach that renders better experiences.

Provides multi-language support
Another reason that Android development makes a great choice for on-demand setups is that it supports more than 100 languages. This is an amazing feature because it gives your business the capability to connect with diverse audience by engaging them with their vernacular languages.

Cost-effective option
Getting an app that has the potential to work seamlessly on millions of devices obviously works as a cost-effective option for your on-demand business. This means that you can get on track with an optimal investment when you start up and then move on to the other operating systems subsequently.

Now that you understand the advantages of choosing an Android app as the launchpad for your on-demand business, the next feasible step would be to get started with one. The best approach would be to hire Android developer or team with the right skills and expertise. OrangeMantra offers top-rated Android development services and has a good experience in the on-demand domain as well. We are capable of creating advanced on-demand apps for this platform and for all others as well. Connect with us to share your requirements and we will have a perfect solution for you.