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How to Build a Profitable On Demand Delivery App

on demand app development

Like a gazillion other things in this pandemic, the new normal lifestyles have changed the way we shop. And these new behaviors are likely to stay even after the virus loosens its grip on the world. After anxiously navigating through this uncertainty, most of us are now reluctant to in-person shopping. That’s the primary reason on-demand delivery services are growing exponentially. As a business owner or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you must know how to leverage these tectonic shifts in consumer behavior.

On-demand app development could be a smart response to a market undergoing unprecedented transformation. Many insights-driven businesses are already doing it. Be it eCommerce application development or digitization of services, the commercial world is adjusting itself to post-COVID norms.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the rapidly-evolving arena of on-demand delivery services. After reading this piece, you’ll have a clearer idea about, among other things, the key characteristics and development strategies of on-demand delivery apps.

What Makes On-Demand Delivery Apps Successful

If you are new in the business of on-demand delivery, it’s extremely important to understand its key characteristics. Remember that you are venturing into something incredibly new in the commercial world. Besides, unlike traditional marketplaces, on-demand delivery is completely driven by technology and customer experience. That’s the reason you need to have the right strategy before you launch an on-demand delivery app.

The success of an on-demand delivery app depends heavily on how you incorporate user experience and other key characteristics. You must thoroughly discuss these elements while approaching an on-demand app development company or your solutions vendor. Here’s a list of the most crucial factors you need to consider. 

  • Friction-less ordering and faster delivery of products/services
  • Mobile-friendly user experience 
  • Lower prices than traditional sellers/physical marketplaces 
  • Seamless and secure payment options 
  • Review and rating systems 
  • Easily accessible customer support

Tips for Launching & Managing On-demand Delivery

Successfully launching an on-demand delivery app and earning desired profits from it are not easy goals. Many on-demand startups fail during their early stages. You need a strategic and informed approach. From knowing your target audience to delivering satisfactory customer service, it’s a challenging journey. But the right strategy always does the trick.

Analyze the market 

Before you finalize the roadmap of your on-demand delivery app development project, it’s critical to know the waters you’ll be trading in. Hence market analysis. As mentioned earlier, the on-demand delivery app market is extremely dynamic. Some elements change more rapidly than others. But while aiming for the long haul, you must know the market demands inside out. 

Let the experts analyze the demands and figure out the specific needs of your app. If you are collaborating with an established mobile app development company, their team is likely to analyze the market before developing the app. Like we do at OrangeMantra. Our team of business analysts and technologists thoroughly analyze the client’s requirements before setting development goals.

Capitalize on food & grocery delivery 

On-demand delivery of food and groceries are two of the most rapidly growing areas. Capitalize on them. Chalk out a plan that covers all major restaurants and grocery stores in your target market. Reach out to restaurant owners and grocers and tell explain to them why they should partner with you.

For example, India’s major food delivery services like Zomato and Swiggy launched on-demand grocery delivery early in the pandemic. They reported significant revenue from these new areas of business. Besides, the trend of Uber-like app development for wide-range delivery services has captured many entrepreneurs’ attention.

Grow your user base 

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are two major factors driving the success of most on-demand services. They also play a significant role in growing your customer base from the ground up. The on-demand services market is ruthlessly competitive. You can sustain your business unless you have a loyal user base. 

Start locally by partnering with local retailers, restaurants, and grocers. The best and risk-averse way is to start by testing your concept in a small geographical area. But before you do that, it’s important to create a local buzz through effective marketing. Focus on both physical and digital marketing.

Retain customer, leverage loyalty 

A base of loyal customers who regularly or periodically uses your services. That’s the most important goal you must set for your on-demand delivery app. Nothing secures the success of your on-demand delivery business — of any business — like customer loyalty.

Whiling aiming for customer loyalty, you must ensure consistent quality of services. Consistently creates reliably that eventually leads to loyalty. You must also ensure easy-accessible customer support. Additionally, a user-friendly and transparent review and rating system would build trust. Reviews and ratings also enable you to address issues that you might otherwise overlook.

Wrapping Up

The current surge in on-demand services is clearly due to the pandemic-driven shift in consumer behavior. But these trends are not going anywhere even after we develop a vaccine and control the outbreak. Epidemiologists and industry experts agree that the post-pandemic world will never be the same. Hence major behavioral shifts such as remote working and online purchasing will stay central to our lives. Your investment in on-demand app development is likely to garner long-term returns.

At OrangeMantra, an award-winning mobile app development company, we have closely watched and contributed to the new wave of digital transformation triggered by the pandemic. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have built numerous apps to help clients cope with the changing market demands. Having a diverse app development experience under the belt, we know what solution will get you where you want to be in this competitive market.


Q. How do I make an on-demand delivery app?
If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, the best way to create an on-demand delivery app is to hire an app development company or a dedicated app developer for your project. OrangeMantra offers on-demand delivery app development services at a competitive price.

Q. How much does it cost to build an on-demand delivery app?
The costs of developing an on-demand delivery app depend on several factors. Design complexity, development time, type of features, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. OrangeMantra builds on-demand food delivery apps at competitive prices, without compromising with quality.

Q. How long does it take to develop an on-demand delivery app?
We offer rapid app development services to meet your requirements urgently. However, there’s no predefined time for developing an on-demand delivery app. The development time varies depending on the features of the app and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult app development experts.