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Shopify's New Update Enhances The Shopping Experience Manifold

Shopify’s New Update Enhances The Shopping Experience Manifold

Shopify has witnessed some key changes during 2017, with numerous updates and additional enhancements that have given it a complete makeover. This has opened up new opportunities for e-commerce store developers as they can now capitalize on the new look and feel which can be designed for them. What more, the refreshed look is capable of bringing consistency across the products, enhancing the page load speed, and making the menus and content easier to read. Let us check the enhancements that the updated version brings to Shopify e-commerce design:

Unified Look And Feel Across Platforms
With the update, the shopping experiences across diverse platforms are now well-aligned. Simply speaking, the look and feel of the online store will be quite similar to those of the Shopify app. As icons and navigation become more consistent, the workflow is more predictable. This makes accessing and managing of the store easier for the merchants.

Updated Fonts, Colors, and Illustrations
The updated platform brings remarkable improvements in terms of fonts, colors, and illustrations too. The font becomes easier to read while the new color palette offers a better contrast that improves the quality of illustrations. Overall, these changes enhance the personality of the store as well as bring practical utilities for the sellers.

Greater Emphasis On Search
The search functionality is recognized as one of the most crucial ones for e-commerce selling. The effectiveness of the search functionality determines the quality of shopping experience on the store. It has now been improved and shoppers can search and find products and functions more easily.

Consistency Of Third-Party Apps
Since merchants running Shopify stores need to use third-party apps for running their businesses, there is a need to have consistency across these apps. The app store has a large number of tools for these merchants, with apps to facilitate sales and manage customer services, etc. The new update ensures a consistent and convenient experience with these third-party applications.

Improved Profiles For Easy Management
As e-commerce business holds numerous complexities, merchants usually encounter problems related to management of multiple employee accounts and multiple stores. The updated version enables the merchant to manage profiles in a more streamlined manner. This also gives them a better visibility into the business operations.

Accelerated Checkout With Shopify Pay
Shopify Pay is a specialized feature that has simplified and accelerated the checkout process by allowing the shoppers to save their payment details once and reuse them on repeat purchases. All they need to do is to enter a verification code which is sent directly to their phone. The feature is effective for boosting the conversions as well as delivering a far better shopping experience for the customers.

Extended Reach With Shopify Sales Channels
The availability of Sales Channels translates into extended business reach as merchants can now avail additional sales channels such as Instagram and Facebook. This means that they can now explore the untapped potential of these unconventional channels without being bound to the traditional Shopify SEO approach.

The updates that Shopify has brought in 2017 are going to have far-reaching implications for the sellers who have adopted this e-commerce platform. Also, they can influence the ones who are looking to start up a new business or contemplating Shopify migration for their running stores. The platform continuously focuses on improving itself, making way for a bright future ahead for these sellers.

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