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Shopify Plus An Ideal E-Commerce Platform

What Makes Shopify Plus An Ideal E-Commerce Platform

Over the years, Shopify has garnered immense popularity as an e-commerce platform. However, it has the reputation of being more suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The emergence of Shopify Plus has brought an end to this myth as this fully hosted enterprise-level e-commerce platform is capable of handling the complexities of high-volume businesses. At the same time, it comes with an affordable price tag. As if these reasons are not enough to think about Shopify migration or upgrade, there are plenty of incredible features that make this one an ideal e-commerce platform. Let’s check them out.

Capable of Handling High Traffic Volumes
The Plus version packs a tool called Launchpad, which empowers the merchants to run product launches and flash sales and effectively handle the high traffic volumes in such events. It enables them to schedule bulk changes for the Shopify e-commerce store to coincide with the timing of the events. These include theme-level changes, product pricing, per-channel product visibility, locking the store for a predetermined time duration, and more. It also offers a real-time analytics dashboard for tracking the success of your events.

The platform provides unlimited bandwidth combined with fast and reliable hosting that makes it highly scalable for the needs of a growing business. Amazingly, it serves 99.99% uptime and is capable of handling 4 million hits per second. This ensures that the site will be available whenever the shoppers want to shop, irrespective of the traffic booms and holiday rushes. And all this comes at a reasonable monthly price.

Highly Customizable
Another plus about Shopify Plus is its customizability that enables the businesses to control the look and feel of their store. With this platform, you can enhance the design layout as well as add desired functionalities to the store. The expert Shopify developers can create the most amazing personalized experienced by integrating the Shopify Plus API with any CRM, ERP, accounting systems, and other software.

Workflow Automation
Plus merchants have access to Flow, a powerful automation platform that facilitates the management of the backend operations such as order and inventory management without having to invest in a bespoke system. Additionally, it automates repetitive tasks and creates custom logic triggers that occur when certain criteria are met. The best thing is that these productivity-boosting customizations do not need one to have coding knowledge.

Shopify Pay
Another outstanding feature of the Plus version is Shopify Pay which allows the shoppers to save the credit card, billing, and shipping details once so that subsequent checkouts become faster and hassle-free. All they need to do is to just enter a 6-digit verification code that they get on their mobile. A simplified checkout process translates into significantly higher conversion rates.

Extensive Support
The platform version extends dedicated and personalized assistance in terms of account management and support. There are professional account managers to oversee the daily operations of the client’s store and advise them about improving their business as a whole. Businesses on the platform also have access to 24/7 support services from experts via a priority phone number and email.


The features of this innovative platform are tailor-made to look after all that goes into operating an online business effectively. It not only is a winner in terms of sophistication but also for the fact that it serves the enterprises that operate heavy sales volumes. At Orange Mantra, we specialize in Shopify e-commerce development. You can get in touch with our experts to know more about Plus if you are planning a migration for your enterprise store.

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